Move the Needle or Change the Record

move the needleJennifer Hoffman – I remember the days when the only way to listen to music was on the radio or your record collection. I had a small one I got for Christmas one year and a cherished collection of 45s.

I played my favorites so much that some of them got scratched and when I played them, the needle got stuck in certain places. I would either have to move the needle to finish playing the song or change the record.

That’s a choice we have to make in our life too. We can live in the reality bubble of our past and just keep moving the needle on that song or we can change the record and explore new potentials.

Highlights from this podcast:

The past is its own reality that we stay in via an endless trauma feedback loop that repeats our trauma over and over again.

The only way to stop the feedback loop is to move the needle or to change the record.

We have to learn from the past, not live in the past.

Energy echoes from the past resonate in our lives until we decide to move the needle or change the record.

The past cannot be changed in any way – we must accept that.

We can live in the past or the present but not in both at the same time.

The past has no power for us and its purpose is to be a stepping stone to a more empowered, expanded, and enlightened present. But that’s not how we use it.

It’s not the past that is the problem, it’s how we remember the past and what we remember from it. Remember my comment about energy echoes? This is the past re-visited and re-vibed.

We can either revibe the past into our present or we can create a new high vibes paradigm for the present by using the past as a benchmark.

What do I want to re-member into my current reality?

What do I want to release from my energy field.

Do I want to just move the needle or is it time to change the record?

What do we harvest from the past that is usable and relevant to today and what do we leave on the winnowing floor, which is what we no longer want or need.

But in order to not need it, we must also be clear of the energy echoes. Imprints, and purpose htat it serves.

How long do we want to be angry, upset, and frustrated with the past?

You have the power over the choices and this decision. You will make the right choice for yourself.

Copyright (c) 2020 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.

SF Source Enlightening Life Sep 2020

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