Prepare For The Tsunami Wave Of Cosmic Light

new earthMichelle Walling, CHLC – Many people have talked about the largest wave of energy yet that will have an unmistakable affect on the consciousness and vibration of humanity. It has been called 3 waves, the solar sneeze, the galactic superwave amongst other names. It has also been said that this wave is coming soon, and today I will share with you what I have received as guidance on how to best prepare for it.

Two long years ago in September of 2015 I brought messages of “Wave X” in conjunction with Dr. Simon Atkins. While that was a very strong wave, we have since experienced bigger and bigger waves of transformational light and sound energy.

Many people have had dreams of tsunamis coming through their houses or finding themselves outside seeing a huge tsunami coming. Many were not afraid when this wave comes over them. For me, I was in the living room sitting on the couch when the tsunami hit, and there was no fear and it seemed like the wave just washed over me and I didn’t have any problem breathing in the water.

The “shift” has been described in many ways too. It has been called the ascension, the New Earth, etc. but in truth there are multiple “Earths” or realities that people can go to.

One thing has been told to me over and over again, you have a choice as to what will happen based on your actions, and not making a choice is still making a choice to go where your vibrational frequency will take you when the wave hits.

In one of the Earth scenarios, all of the systems will be re-vamped slowly and free energy technology will be introduced.  In another scenario, there are already people and spaceships on the planet and everyone has replicators and high tech devices that help them to expand and grow their consciousness.

In another scenario, Gods and Goddesses remember how to create everything they need from the background energy. There is also a place for those who do not want to expand or be in the light and some souls will get to return back to Source to be assimilated. There will be an appropriate place for everyone.

There are similar preparations for the big Kahuna but there are some major points that need to be covered about the choice that each person has to make. Every person has planned a choice on a soul level but not all incarnated souls have awakened and been able to make an informed choice. We are in the process of experiencing the “lifting of the veil” so that people can get a better chance at making an informed decision.

This is coming in the form of collapsing timelines and realities, chaos and emotional trauma surfacing in your life, physical ascension symptoms to alert you as to something happening, and near death experiences. People are communing with higher self, guides, ETs, and Source through meditation, appearances, channelings, and visions.

Many tools are being used and more and more people are moving past all of this to embrace their multidimensional self in the NOW, sending the signal to Earth and Source that we are getting ready for the big event.

Not everyone received the call but time has been stretched to make sure as many people as possible who were supposed to wake up has a chance to realize what is happening. The first plan was to have this big wave occur in 2012 but as a collective we chose to wait for many reasons due to the difficulty of breaking people out of the mind control matrix.

The experience of the Big Kahuna has been described in many ways because everyone will experience it a bit differently, although souls agreed to also experience it in groups.

When the wave comes, people will have a few choices:

1- Turn around and run away in fear. This will enter them into another 3rd/4th dimensional reality to keep on learning until they commune with their creator.

2- Go within. Allow the wave to wash over you. Transform the DNA and move to the New Earth or to a higher vibrational place. This is the highest and best timeline choice.

3- Stand there and take a hit on the body, fighting against the wave, or run towards the wave in a battle cry. You will be knocked off your feet and will tumble around in the undertow until you find yourself upright. When you get your bearings, you will find yourself in a new reality made just for you. Your journey to get to the New Earth is not as fast as those who stop fighting but not as long as those who run. However, it is a possibility that you may also drop the body here and wake up on the New Earth.

Things you can do to prepare for the big wave:

-Face your fears.

Here is an excerpt post I made on Nov. 17th about this on my personal Facebook page:

Final preparations are being made for the final dropping of the veil!

I lost my voice Tuesday after my second hypnotherapy session with Alba Weinman at the retreat in Sedona. We had a great week together along with the other great speakers and the whole theme was healing, letting go of the emotional trauma, connecting with your higher self, New Earth, and facing your fears.

The last thing, facing your fears, has been such a cliche’ spiritual topic that everyone has been talking about. But I am here to tell you NOW, TODAY, just what that really means and how important it is, and how it was in my face last night. (and how to deal with it).

The second hypnotherapy session Alba did had information about the lifting of the veil. What we received is a version of what will happen when the veil lifts and you have not faced or transmuted your fears.

The client’s higher self described the Armageddon type scene of the most horrible storm that the client could imagine. Starting with winds, then torrential rain. Hurricanes, hail, the earth ripping apart. It was frightening.

The next explanation was, that in the moment of the shift when the veil lifts, if you have fearful thoughts and are faced with your most prevalent fear, what will you do? If you face it and go within and move through it, you will “ascend”. If you turn away from it and run away, it was said that those people will stay on the 3d earth in that reality. From there they will learn to survive or obviously go out of body in the cataclysm, which is the way souls will transition to other 3d/4d earths.

The higher self said that the collectively created this awful scenario and the first thing I though of was the bible and all of the Doomsdayers and religitards. But actually they may be on to something!!!!! It’s a program that many have learned from the bible! The end of the world apocalypse.

If you walked through your fears in this scenario of the lifting of the veil, you will be vibrated with Source light/energy to the next frequency, to the New Earth (or to a higher place of your soul’s vibration as I have mentioned before).

There were about 30 people at this retreat in Sedona and most of them left a lot of their fears behind and it was a beautiful thing to see.

For me, I thought I had transmuted my fears. But I have also been cognizant that I have only 2 fears left and they had to do with 2 people I love the most in my life. (The 2 fears unfolded in my life within 30 minutes of each other).

Then it hit me.

It is a game. Although it is a real game, we are being faced RIGHT NOW with out greatest fears in a “scenario” situation but the outcome isn’t the worst case scenario, in the end it all works out in the end without disastrous consequences….so that we can have a practice run at the veil dropping and instant manifestation of your thoughts.

At first I thought it may be unfolding because of the high energetic work I did this week and the fact that I was still in Sedona by the Bell Rock vortex. That’s what happens when you go to these high energy places.

But then it was shown to me that it wasn’t just me, other people were dealing with things as well.

This is a huge message. I have noticed sometimes things happen to me first so that I will know how to help others as they go through it. If it happens to you. stay calm, balanced, and level headed. Let it out in a way that you can through love and truth, without being harmful or projecting. Connect with Source and pray for the highest and best outcome. If you can stay grounded and centered in your body, stilling the breath, that is optimal. Then have gratitude that you got a test run before the big kahuna, and know it is coming!!!!!!!! Then support others as they go through it!!!!

When you observe it after it is over, you will see the beauty of the illusion and the players in the game, and how you interact with each other to provide scenarios to be able to shift through this reality towards the exit. It’s not fun, but we have to remember to be cognizant of our thoughts and if they are hanging around somewhere in that brain of ours, they WILL MANIFEST when the veil drops.

The same thing happens to people when they die who are in a low vibration matching the lower astral realms and they end up being in “hell”. It’s like in the movie “What Dreams May Come” with Robin Williams.

Keep in mind that I have had a lot of healing and training, and teach others how to stay out of fear and how to let go of their emotional baggage, but MOST people are not going to know what is happening to them and this is going to be a clusterfu*k as it happens to others!!

I know what it felt like and your body is programmed to react with fight or flight!

Love, forgiveness, and Source energy is the only thing that will conquer fear!

We have the ability to override this apocalyptic scene for the collective by moving through our fears and imagining something different. I will get into this more and we will need to do a meditation to set it into place.

I am here holding space in support for all of you and I love you all so very much!

We got this!! We have been trained for this! Remember!”

-Connect with your higher self and your Creator.

This is perhaps one of the most important things you do which already says “I have made the conscious, informed choice to ascend out of the fear matrix. Please advance me to the next highest achievable level where my superpowers will be activated.” How you commune with your creator within needs to be all your own creation. No one can do this for you.

-Raise your vibration.

No kidding, it truly is about vibration, If you are out of fear and have been communing with your Creator/God/Source within, you will have peeled away the layers of energy that have been blocking your inner light, allowing your body to vibrate higher. Not only that, but when you elevate your vibration above the fear infested matrix, you are no longer affected emotionally by it and your reality goes smoothly. The key is practicing hovering there while you wait for the wave.

-Drink lots of pure water and immerse yourself in water.

Here is a post by Candace Craw-Goldman where Dolores Cannon and Dr. Masuru Emoto both told her the importance of water and being “fluid” for the waves of change.

“In the beginning of the dream I found myself walking near an ocean- a beautiful expansive and very familiar ocean. The water was so soft, inviting and sparkly. Up ahead I saw a pavilion. It was a very large pavilion, quite massive. As I came closer I saw one person near the closest corner, walking around some sort of large and low structure that was on the floor of the pavilion. This floor structure covered most of the floor, but I couldn’t quite tell what it was from where I was walking on the beach. As I got closer, I could see that the person on the pavilion was a woman and she was watching me and waiting for me to approach.

When I got close enough to say hello I could see that it was my friend and teacher Dolores Cannon! I was very excited to see her. She looked like herself but younger and a bit thinner and more vibrant. She smiled as I walked up the steps.

“Hello Candace I have something to show you today and I also have a message I want you to deliver.” She walked over to the edge of the structure on the floor and I followed her. She looked down and I did too and took in the details. The structure seemed to be made of wax or some sort of translucent material, it was perfectly geometric, and regular in form and scanning across the expanse I could see it was like a giant honeycomb, with open cells.

As I looked into the cells of the honeycomb they glowed and I could see light in patterns swirling and moving within each of them. The light pattern began with a six petaled flower, and it was a warm red color, but then that simple design became more complex much like a moving flower of life design. The light shifted and changed into more colors and then the whole floor began to move and morph sort of like a moving sculpture or hologram. The cells, and the light flowers were all moving in and out. All of the cells were connected to all of the light flowers which were connected to the whole and back again.

I noticed some of the cells had more “light” and glowed brighter than other cells. Just as I was about to ask Dolores about that she looked at me sideways and smiled and nodded. “That is what I wanted you to notice and why I brought you here today.”

“You brought me here?” I asked.

“Well you could say that, yes.”

“Okay so can you tell me about the differences in the individual cells’ light?” I asked.

“There are many factors that play into that but lets take a closer look.”

We walked closer and looked down at two of the cells nearest to our feet. Each cell was quite large, and pretty deep, and seemingly went under the floor of the pavilion. Each cell was large enough for a person to stand upright within it.

As I had these thoughts I looked over at Dolores and she nodded again- because she was reading my thoughts apparently! “Each cell could be thought of as a person, yes.”

The two cells we were focusing on were different in light and movement. The one on the left was lush, vibrant, fluid and moving with ease and grace. The one on the right was not as filled with light and it seems slower and “rusty” or something. It didn’t move quite as well.

Then Dolores turned around and from somewhere behind her had a large crystal clear bucket of water with a big ladle in it. She scooped out some of the water and said, “Watch!” as she poured the water into the cell on the right.

Immediately, the cell became brighter and the movements more fluid. She added more water and the cell again became more “alive.” I also then was aware of how the individual patterns of light from that cell immediately moved across the whole structure. Very much like the flower of life pattern.

“That is what I wanted you to see. Each cell can be thought of as a person, connected to other people, but each cell could be thought of as an individual cell in a person’s body as well.”

I turned to listen.

“Please pass this message on: Water is so important. Not only does it keep you alive, it keeps you connected. You are a bit like a battery, you need water to be able to connect to higher states of consciousness. You need water to be able to connect to others. You need water to connect to other parts of yourself! It is so very important to stay hydrated. Water will help the information flow. The water will help the actual connection to information. The water will help you be connected to higher consciousness.”

I smiled and said, “You’re still working with Emoto, aren’t you?”

Dolores laughed and put her hands together. “Indeed.”

And then Masaru Emoto himself appeared, and stepped up onto the pavilion, and with a slight bow said, “Every glass of water you drink has the potential to bring you healing from whatever ails you. Every bath you take can do the same. Every step into the ocean, every walk beside a river, every rest beside a creek is an opportunity to heal. And this healing can be received by you, or intended for others or the planet or both.”

I said, “So many people love the water, the ocean especially, and beautiful clear lakes, and lovely rushing streams of clean water, but many of us are not blessed to have these bodies of water near our home.”

“That’s true,” Emoto said. “But you can still create your own healing waters. Besides your drinking water, and your bath or shower water, you can set out simple bowls of water in your living space to amplify your healing focus and intentions.”

Dolores then began to speak. “You have a client who has requested one of your audio meditations. If you had an ocean in Kansas I would suggest going there to write or record that for her.”

I laughed, knowing I was in a dream and not in Kansas. There certainly are no oceans in the state in which I live.

Dolores said, “You know Kansas used to be covered in a beautiful and very powerful ocean. You can still intend to connect to that ancient and massive energy using the water in which you do have access.”

“I never thought of that Dolores. You know I recently found myself re-reading some of the passages of the book Prairy Erth, which talks extensively about the ancient waters that actually created the prairies, and unique Flint Hills of Kansas.”

With that Dolores looked behind her and out toward the magical ocean behind her and then back again at me with a broad smile. “Why do you think this body of water seems so familiar to you?”

I found myself overcome with joy as memories of the ancient body of water, and the prairie and past lives and current experiences with the land all combined into a beautiful symphony of vibration and light that echoed and repeated the patterns on the pavilion floor.

“Use that energy, and that imagery to create your meditations,” Emoto chimed in with a big smile.

Dolores seemed very pleased and amused. She was probably smiling at the look on my face thinking about oceans in Kansas. “Oh and Candace, when you wake up, look up the meaning of your current client’s name.”

“You mean Sanja? I had intended to dream about the ocean for her healing meditation.”

“Yes, Sanja. And tell her I said hello,” She looked over at Emoto, “Tell her we both said hello!”

When I awoke from my dream I immediately went to my computer and looked up the name Sanja for its origin and meaning. Here is what I found: Sanja – Derived from Croatian and Serbian sanjati meaning “dream”.

Thanks Dolores and Masaru.”

-Trust yourself, love yourself, and allow your higher self to drive the vehicle (body).

This allows for the body to tell you what it wants to eat, when it wants to move and how much, how to lessen ascension symptoms, how much to sleep, and how much time to spend pampering yourself. Intuition kicks into high gear and you find yourself at the right place at the right time. Synchronicity if absolutely the most fun you have had all year.


My new meme- “What would God do”. If we are Gods, act like a God.



This is different from “earthing”. Grounding into the body and involves centering up your mental, spiritual, emotional, and etheric bodies with the physical body. Make the intention and use your imagination. This allows energy to run through the chakras and for everything to be in balance. Earthing can help you to raise your frequency at least to Gaia’s level, but some people are beyond that frequency and too empathic. Immersing yourself in water and eating foods from the Earth can also help you to ground and get aligned inside your physical body to be fully present in the NOW. You would be surprised how many people have large portions of their energy outside of the physical body. You definitely want to pull all of your energy back into the body in preparation for the big wave.

-Be love and in love and forgive

These are the highest vibrational things for you.

Remember, everyone is preparing NOW for the Big Kahuna. We have constantly been receiving smaller waves from the sun and great central suns as well as from out galactic family and from the “photon belt” for quite some time now. Many find themselves ready and just sitting back eating popcorn (organic of course) and observing. Others are getting the message that yes, everyone will be o.k., but I will go to the version of Earth that is best suited for my vibration. Why not shoot for the highest and best outcome? They are doing everything they can to raise their vibration and to be responsible for their thoughts and actions. You’ve already worked so hard, you may as well take this one all the way!

SF Source How To Exit The Matrix Nov 2017

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  1. Gillian, you ran this article in November 2017 and the message seems even more fitting in today’s climate of over-the-top fear-mongering and Michelle’s suggestions for managing the Energy seem even more applicable.

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