Infants and Music!

musicJill Mattson – Aren’t these details fascinating? Mothers sing better when their infant is present (1999 study by Laura Lee and William Thompson, York University at Toronto.) Sandra Trehub of U. of Toronto found that babies as young as 6 months prefer consonance to dissonance.

“Mozart and Vivaldi cause fetus’ heart rates to stabilize, whereas rock music drove fetuses to distraction and they kicked violently.” Thomas Verny Music learning begins in utero. Peter Hepper (Queens University in Belfast) found that 2 weeks before birth fetuses recognize differences in songs/sounds.

Dr. Tomatis from France used the sound of the mother’s voice that a person heard in utero to reprogram, ground and comfort people. “When Smriti was pregnant, she would listen to the same tape of bhajans every day, twice a day: When her son was born, every time he cried, she turned on the tape, and he calmed down almost instantly. She swears making her child listen to soothing music when pregnant was probably the smartest things she had done.”

Various experiments show that plants exposed to classical music thrive and grow well. On the other hand, plants exposed to heavy metal music shriveled up.

Heavy metal music had a very definite negative impact on plants. Although this doesn’t mean that it will have the same negative effect on your baby, heavy metal music is not soothing, either for the mother or for the baby, and as such, it will certainly have no positive impact on your child. Sounds interact with us on all levels. Of course sounds interact with a growing baby, within the mother’s womb.

What the mother listens to makes a difference!

SF Source Jill’s Wings of Light Jan 2021

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