N.W.O Predictive Programming Exposed [Video]

  | February 18 2011

In this video, we expose global events that have been predicted in “fictional media” before they actually happened.  ~http://truth777exposed.blogspot.com

3 thoughts on “N.W.O Predictive Programming Exposed [Video]

  1. Next-
    Bradley Manning. If this were 1967 Vietnam, and the crimes had been exposed – he would be a hero. Read about My Lai / what is the difference with Bradley? except operation paperclip fully has taken over not just the MIC, but now our minds and spirits. Bradley would have been a hero in the 1967 generation. Now, young people have no brains to discern a true hero. Torture sanctioned by POTUS, sanctioned by SCOTUS, sanctioned by COTUS.
    I spew the three out, and I can’t get rid of the taste. Instead of hailing Bradley a hero, he is on trial, after being tortured for two years.
    America – you truly have lost your ability to think and reason. Go back to FOX News and do as they tell you – keep thinking as they tell you. This is not a Neocon Repub, or Democrat thing – those parties are sold to the highest bidder. This is an issue of humanity – time for us to wake from our zombie state – and that is no exaggeration.

    1. one more thing –
      Palestine received a heartfelt vote from the civilized nations of the world this week. On the next day, I read about the occupying nation announcing another 3000 homes in the occupied land.
      Question – hollow hoax, or holocaust. A nation that truly experienced a “holocaust” could not behave the way this occupier has for all of it’s modern inception. A “people” who claim a special heritage and a devastating experience could never foment such suffering on any other people. I have made up my mind. Why have religious people not come to the spirit? Why? Because true religion is where we live in our spirit – all the time, and not a church or a state. I have been very bitter about the middle-east and what Christianity of the USA has done to Palestine and Palestinians. Lastly, that Euro-styled nation occupying Palestine resembles much of what Nazism embodied. Except – maybe worst. No, I don’t believe the history books – No to Simon and Shuster textbooks, no to the Zionist owned media of the world – simply, NO. Your days are few and running out. After all, Billy Wilder was in Germany right at the end of ww2 – filming propaganda films.

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