New technologies are revolutionizing the medical industry

Medical science and technology are advancing rapidly these days. Cutting edge medical practice now solves issues that were major problems just decades ago.

Some of these new treatment options allow doctors  to perform medical procedures that advance better healthcare for everyone. As a result people live longer and healthier lives now more than ever.

Some mundane (though important) advances include:

Time tracking spreadsheets  – These have proven valuable tools for medical labs made up of remote workers. StudyLog is incredibly valuable to pharmaceutical labs, biotech firms, academic institutions and the government. It helps manage animal research in ways not possible before.

Combine these technological advancements with cutting-edge medical science and we have an honest-to-goodness revolution geared toward improving health globally.

3 science technologies are having a major impact on the medical industry

1. 3D Printing

3-D printing utility has taken the world by storm and offers proven solutions in the medical world. Certain types of technology like Invisalign braces have utilized 3D printers to makehundreds of thousands of braces at affordable prices to help people fix  crooked teeth.

In another example, a father is using a 3D printer to create a prosthetic hand for his son. This hand will not only be functional, but it will also look like the real thing, which will cut down on some of the self-esteem issues that a person in this situation might experience.

3D printers are also used to make back braces, casts for broken bones, and even facial prosthetics like ears, noses, and eyes. Even more important, with the advent of bioprinting, the medical world is working on printing new organs for people in need of a transplant. This technology hasn’t quite been perfected just yet, but they are working on it and it will be an amazing accomplishment if they can create new organs for those dying of terrible diseases.

2. Brain Computer Interfaces

BCIs have been talked about often enough for a few years now. But the medical science world is working diligently to create technology that’ll help quadriplegics and paraplegics gain full motor function over their bodies once again. It may seem like this technology is light years away, but you’d be surprised how quickly this field seems to be advancing.

Even better, at the moment BCIs have the ability to control robotic limbs. So if someone has a paralyzed limb, they can have it replaced with a robotic option that will be fully functioning and completely usable through a brain computer interface.

3. Robotics

Some people are afraid of robotics because of movies like the Terminator and I, Robot. But they shouldn’t be, because the advancements in robotics is making it possible to perform better, more effective operations in hospitals all over the United States and other parts of the world.

Guess what? The robotics trend is only going to continue. Service robots are even on the forefront of the latest technology trend. They will be able to pick up dirty laundry, deliver medications to patients, and so much more. This is good for everyone because these service bots can cut down on medical expenses which will make it cheaper for all of us to afford.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the latest technology not only improves treatments for humans. It improves the treatment of animals in the lab. This technology will continue to advance and we will continue to reap beneficial outcomes. So let’s pray that our medical scientists continue to come up with improved treatments for the most insidious diseases we currently face.

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