Venus Conjuncts the Sun

moonLaura Walker – We are moving into the conjunction of Venus approaching from behind the Sun, ready to reach around and sling shot forward.

The Ancients were fond of watching Venus. They understood how Venus directed the lives of people in the micro and macro levels. People’s security, confidence, roles within relationships, finances, and creature comforts (whatever kind they had) would go through renovation.

That is what the Sun does. It renovates and re-empowers, all for a “new birth.”

All day on Thursday, the conjunction is building, and the exact conjunction is Friday, March 26 at 1:32 am Eastern, to complete on Friday.

Now, we know what kind of time this is in the history of humanity. We understand we are leaving behind everything that represents the old world, and preparing for the New Astrological Year (April 11) to be what dreams are made of. What we do now, impacts the future.

We are working on that…

If you have been following or for a while, you know that the Illuminati follow all types of calendars, but that their one “time keeper” is astrological, particularly the calendar set by the Sun and Moon – the New Moons.

New astrological years start when the Sun and Moon make the conjunction in Aries – the first sign. This time keeping does not start when the Sun moves into Aries. It is only when Sun and Moon meet up in Aries.

Few understand this.

The Ancients knew it, and they understood that New Moons carry the “evolutionary cycles” or what we might call “the music of the spheres.” The Ancients knew that the planets have harmonic-electromagnetic properties that stimulate or set up circumstances and situations, and the world is steadily coming to this fact.

“The music of the spheres” — the New Moon in Aries in 2015…the thing that would bring us into recognition of 2020….

“The Music of the Spheres” for Thursday and Friday has Venus and the Sun in conjunction, the conjunction of Mars and the North Node, and the Part of Fortune opposite Pluto. This is a lot for a day, and there is a point to it. It is about messages.

God and higher spiritual forces will try to get your attention for messages about solutions, inspiration, and ideas taking concrete form.

Here are the Sabian symbols for several of the planets that indicate this:

Sun- Venus: “a square brightly lighted on one side”

Earth: “a man watches his ideals taking a concrete form before his inner vision”

Mercury: “in a quiet moment, a creative individual experiences the flow of inspiration”

Saturn: “during a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life”

This is a windfall! What luck!

In all things, sit back, watch, and be delivered of the message or messages on Thursday and Friday.

And then watch the repetition in the field during the Full Moon phase, which starts Sunday, and further elaboration of various issues and situations.

Keep your Animal Speak book handy, refer to various things that you trust, play music, take a walk, sit quietly, and above all, find beauty. You might hear it through an overheard conversation or or maybe someone else is getting a message — and it might be for you, too. It is all there.

This is what the Universe wants us to see, as the time beyond the ages rolls into a new cycle. A major cycle! These are the things we need to see.

That’s the message from here, but if you are not tired of reading, scroll down for a few notes. Also, I have linked the Wisdom Goddess Reference Guide (I love Christine’s painting) on from when it was a Christmas present in 2016. Everything you need to (initially) know about the Mahavidyas is in it.

Oh, yes, Thursday is 4 Owl, and we want to be on our wise owl selves (owls at the Four Angels or Four Winds or Four Directions). Nice!

Much love, L


Mars Conjunct North Node – This happens at 14 Gemini, “two people living far apart in telepathic communication,” will bring people together who are in a different time or different space to conquer the distance to map out a future (destiny) or to solve the highest for all.

This also sets up a stage for war (Mars) and the future (the North Node). Things are going that way (Putin’s chart below).

The Part Of Fortune Opposite Pluto – Ok, I am going to break this one down to the bare bones. This is a 3 arc minute opposition. It’s very strong. This is about nourishment and what provides that, and if it is not there, it will come out. It is about what one gives and another receives. This goes both ways. A happier result will come from this.

On the other side, there could be loss of life/home from weather events.

Black Moon – is at 18 Taurus, “a woman airing an old bag through a sunny window.” Light enters to leave the trauma on the island (see two last reports)! Let things be aired out.

Chiron – is at “a crystal gazer,” which is the Sabian for the Full Moon. This means the Full Moon is conjunct Chiron and Venus. This one will be hopping, popping, or something! (I find myself referring to things as “something” for all kinds of things lately. I think it is a Southern thing.)

This will foreshadow the future, no doubt.

This is the last Full Moon of the old world. Let that sink in.

And we are given the gift of knowing that whatever we do during the Full Moon phase will absolutely manifest along the lines of Spirit.

This is a challenge, wise owls!

From My Mind On Jupiter

Jupiter is discharging 23 Aquarius, “a big bear sitting down and waving all of its paws.” What has Russia, the big bear, tried to point out? Love him or not, what will Putin and the people of Russia do as the nwo encroaches upon Russia?

Probably not goes as the nwo wished (because we are now in 2R).

Do you remember Edgar Cayce saying that Russia would be the great hope of the world? Some of the very last remnants of the ancient Tartarian culture survive in Russia and the surrounding countries..

According to accounts, the Earthlings would have called themselves Tartarians. It was a “global” classification for the people here. It is a long story but torus technology was in use here. People from other places came here to trade or visit. Marauders came as well. And a war ensued. And it was not that long ago.

Cayce was speaking of Tartarians – the remaining “Russians” – in my opinion.

Did some of the Tartarians who “left” actually “leave?”

Putin. Did you know that Putin has 10 planets plus the Part of Fortune is in aspect to Eris Point? He even has the subset of Saturn in aspect to the Eris Point, which makes him want to take out archons or join their crowd. He has Mars conjunct the Galactic Center. His Ascendant and Descendant are the Chiron Point. He is a 10 Dog in the tzolkin, which makes him a rescuer or one you want to be rescued from.

Not that anyone gets close enough to pose a danger to him, he is currently in transiting Jupiter opposite his natal Black Moon and Pluto, which can pose health issues and death. This is for three more weeks.

Russian’s military is not what the globalist’s military is. The globalist’s military would certainly make their money and forward their plans.

But what if it doesn’t go the way the nwo think it will?

What if, just like in the American Revolution, certain twists emerge, and lo and behold, tyranny falls?

Tyranny falls.

It does. One way or another.

Food for thought.

SF Source Oracle Report Mar 2021

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  1. True. We can learn so much from history but from our early education we are not even given a chance and in this day and age studying history as a whole has really become a necessity.

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