Nixon’s ET Time Capsule [Video]

Alexandra Bruce – Friday night, I joined Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt to discuss bombshell revelations from former Huston Plan operative, Robert Merritt that President Nixon secreted a time capsule in the White House that contains a rich trove of ET/UFO disclosure, which he feels certain is still there!

They also discuss Watergate lawyer, Douglas Caddy’s work to have the National Archives publicize the contents of the time capsule and to openly share them with the people.

SF Source Forbidden Knowledge TV Feb 2018

One thought on “Nixon’s ET Time Capsule [Video]

  1. President Nixon and comedian Jacqui Gleason were good friends back in the day. Gleason was always interested in ufo and alien subjects and one day Nixon came to his home after ditching his secret service protection and took Gleason to Homestead AFB, Florida where Gleason claimed he was permitted to view a preserved alien body. He writes about this in his autobiography and I am sure it can be googled also.

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