Iran Conflict or More Tariffs, Russia Hoaxsters Prosecuted, Fed Lost Control [Video]

tariffsGreg Hunter – Is America going to have a conflict with Iran? It looks like it is not. Trump is going to increase the already stiff tariffs on that Persian Gulf nation. One sure sign that is true is former National Security Advisor John Bolton is reportedly upset the U.S. will not be bombing Iran over the drone attack on Saudi Arabia oil installations.

Will the Russian collusion hoaxsters, such as James Comey and Andrew McCabe, ever be prosecuted in the seditious acts they committed on President Trump? More reports are coming out from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz that are making it increasingly hard to ignore the malfeasance of many top government officials in making up a totally fake story to try to remove President Trump from office. It did not work.

Is the economy doing great or is it teetering on the edge of big trouble? If you listen to the Fed this week, it looks like trouble is coming.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about the top stories of the week in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

SF Source USA Watchdog Sep 2019

2 thoughts on “Iran Conflict or More Tariffs, Russia Hoaxsters Prosecuted, Fed Lost Control [Video]

  1. Very worried that the liars and “hoaxters” who ran the coup on Trump will never be brought to justice because they are protected by the deep state which is Horowitz and Barr. I think these people have too much to lose to stop these criminals from lying to the American public and the FISA judges to try and remove him from the presidency. If the POTUS can’t get justice the ordinary American will never get it.

    1. Well, that may be the case on your timeline. It isn’t on mine.

      You see, I sincerely believe we can INTEND the outcomes we seek for the good of all. It benefits the liars and hoaxers to be punished for their actions. It benefits America to prove to the world that OUR system is justice is not 2-tiered – it is EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW FOR ALL.

      I’m very much looking forward to the Deep State take-down beginning in October 2019 when the Horowitz FISA report is dropped and the accompanying UNDERLYING DOCUMENTATION that PROVES the corruption is UNREDACTED by the very able William Barr.

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