This Poll Told Mitch McConnell He’s Lost As A Leader

mitch mcconnellGreat American Daily – Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment are both part of the swamp.

Conservatives are fed up with Republicans who never deliver on their campaign promises.

And one new poll let Mitch McConnell know he was done for.

On September 26th, Alabama will hold a runoff in the special election to fill the Senate seat of Jeff Sessions.

Conservative hero Judge Roy Moore is facing incumbent Senator Luther Strange.

McConnell endorsed Strange, where as grassroots figures such as former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon backed Moore.

The contest is seen as a test of the grassroots anger with McConnell and his failure to deliver on Donald Trump’s agenda.

Judge Roy Moore is trying to capitalize on that anger by running a scorched earth campaign against McConnell and the GOP establishment.

He’s promising not to vote for McConnell for Majority Leader if elected.

And right now his strategy is paying massive dividends. reports that a new poll shows him with a massive 52-36 percent lead over the McConnell-backed Strange:

“A new Senate GOP runoff poll conducted last week indicates former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has a strong lead over U.S. Sen. Luther Strange.

Montgomery-based Southeast Research conducted the poll of 401 likely runoff voters.

The poll, which was done with telephone interviews on both landlines and cell phones, found that Moore had 52 percent of the vote while Strange was at 36 percent. The poll said 12 percent of poll participants did not give a preferred choice.

The poll, conducted Aug. 29-31, has a margin of error of 5 percent.

“Conservative voters” favored Moore with 58 percent to Strange’s 32 percent while “moderate voters” favored Strange with 49 percent to Moore’s 39 percent, the poll said.

The poll also showed that President Trump is far more popular than either Moore or Strange. Trump received a “strongly favorable” rating from 62.9 percent of those who participated in the poll while Moore was 38.4 percent and Strange at 17.9 percent.

On the flip side, 16.6 percent of poll participants gave Moore a “strongly unfavorable” rating while giving Strange 18.4 percent.”

McConnell has failed to deliver on repealing Obamacare, building the wall, and cutting taxes.

If Judge Roy Moore overcomes McConnell’s opposition – and a McConnell-backed group just announced they would spend $900,000 to defeat Moore – it could open the floodgates to pro-Trump primary challengers pledging to “ditch Mitch.”

Already Danny Tarkanian and Dr. Kelli Ward are leading anti-Trump RINOs Dean Heller and Jeff Flake in the GOP Senate primary contest.

Should all three become Senators, they could form a block that would vote against Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader in the next Congress.

Other conservatives in the Senate could also join in and that would spell the end of McConnell’s reign of failure.

SF Source Great American Daily Sep 2017

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