The Sacred Secret [w/ Video]

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oilDoreen Ann Agostino – According to Santos Bonacci and ancient Hermetic wisdom, our bodies are alchemical instruments. We have the ability to turn lead into gold. There are truths known and hidden that are so sacred and I feel like we should be learning this kind of stuff in school from early age.

We should advance kids even faster! I say this because kids really have it figured out. They know no limits. They have no conditioned limiting beliefs about money or possibilities.

It’s not some type of religion. It is esoteric truth and forbidden knowledge. I rely on my intuition a lot and everything about this information resonates with me on many levels. I encourage readers to keep an open mind and have an awareness of your inner voice as you look over the included blog post video.

Santos puts emphasis on the idea and understanding of “As above, so below.” Which if you don’t know about, you will certainly find out what it’s about if you take the time to check out some of his videos. Most of his recent ones are shockingly eye opening.

Your Body is the Holy Land

According to said source, there is a sacred secret kept from the masses. That secret is the esoteric science of physiological regeneration. Yep, you heard that right- REGENERATION. Apparently, our body has the ability to produce new blood and awaken our dormant brain cells as the ‘final product.’

The sacred science of physiological regeneration is also spoken about in the bible as allegorical symbolic stories. There’s a much deeper meaning to it. Some of our ancient ancestors used this science to live for hundreds and even thousands of years. When the new blood is produced, the old toxic blood is disposed of by the body’s own methods.

You Might Be Asking Yourself, “Ok so how does it work?”

I was getting to that part. The ancient sacred knowledge has to do with astrology and how KNOWING astrology can SAVE you. It is not some rubbish pseudoscience. “Astrology” is an innocent term. “Astro” means the stars and “logy” is ‘the science of.’ Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci knew of these secrets.

Twelve times out of the year, or once a month, there is a secretion from your cerebrum when the moon is in the sun sign that you were born under. I happen to be an Aquarius and have an Aquarius sun sign. To find out when the Moon is in your sun sign click here

This is the story of Jesus and his 12 apostles. And funny how the sun is also compared to being symbolized as Jesus. The sun passes through 12 signs of the zodiac throughout the year. This is also indicative of the “As above, so below” concept.

Oil of the Christ

This is the holy oil that is called “Christos” in Greek. This is the story of the Christ within, within all of us. The oil is secreted by the cerebrum from the holy claustrum or “santa” claustrum. The story of Santa Claus comes from this inner science because Santa is bringing spiritual presents down your chimney. From the cerebrum/claustrum, it is then differentiated in the pineal gland and pituitary gland. These glands are knows as Joseph and Mary.

The pineal gland releases a masculine electrical portion which is known as “honey,” and the pituitary gland releases the feminine magnetic portion, “milk.” The sacred heavens are also in the holy portions of our brains. This is the land flowing with milk and honey.

The pineal gland is connected to the Pingala nerve. The pituitary gland is connected to the Ida nerve.  These are known as the kundalini and the kundabuffer. These nerves extend all the way down the spine and “tree of life.” These nerves go down to the sacral plexus and sacrum areas of our body/lower vertebrae. The sacral plexus holds very strong sexual energy that is a beautiful energy, that when harvested, can turn into an electrical energy that rises back up to the brain. The solar plexus and sacral plexus area is known as Bethlehem.

The God Brain

It is important to abstain from the release of any precious fluids when the time comes for the seed to be implanted in your sacral plexus. If we waste it we have to wait another month. We are supposed to return some of that energy up. Death occurs when the oil dries up.

What’s interesting is that the eastern world still has applied knowledge of the retention and transmuting of the beautiful energy we all possess. Some benefits are that it increases testosterone in males. Ladies can also return this energy back up to the brain. Alcohol and acidic producing foods are also detrimental to this precious oil that comes from the cerebrum.

We have four brains. The cerebrum is the God brain. The cerebellum is the “man” brain which is connected to the lower mind. The third brain is the medulla oblangata, which is responsible for involuntary actions such as breathing. The fourth brain is the solar plexus which has to do with the lower mind, greed, animalistic behavior, etc.

For the most part we are all stuck in the lower mind. I like to search for this type of this information because I am willing to strip my ego and experience blissful, unconditioned consciousness.

When you return the oil back up, the frequency rises and the vibration increases. By the time it reaches the 33rd vertebrae it is crucified as the pneumogastric nerve “crosses” over and connects to the pineal and pituitary glands.

That oil of the Christ lights up the optic thalamus gland which is otherwise known as “the light of the world,” at the point of “crucifixion.” Then it stays in limbo (dead so to speak) for 3 days like how Jesus died at the age of 33. This takes place at the 33rd vertebrae. Funny how this all ties in isn’t it? Either this is speaking to your higher self, or you are in complete denial of what is in this post and unique posts alike.

Spiritual Illumination

At this point when the oil exponentially speeds up to hit the pineal gland, all of our millions or billions of dormant brain cells are activated and we are now operating at the God brain level from the cerebrum. This would be activation of your true spiritual self and you will remember who you are and why you incarnated. The knowledge locked in our brain comes out.

It is safe to say that the video embedded on this post is worth a watch. There are 2 parts. Santos Bonacci has additional related videos about this sacred secret. One final note, this secret unlocks the secret of the Ark of the Covenant. In the bible the Ark is built with two cherubim and the two covering angels. This is the cerebrum with it’s two hemispheres that cover over the cerebellum and the inner brain.

At the end of the day, we shouldn’t expect a third party savior to come and save us. I do believe in divine intervention though. This science gives us the knowledge required to save our own asses. This “ancient sacred knowledge” is kept from us and one day in the near future we will be free from oppression.

Your Body Is The Holy Land: Santos Bonacci: Part 1.

holy bodVideo URL

Santos references this book so I found a PDF

Santos Bonacci: Your Body Is The Holy Land: Part 2

oilVideo URL

From Doreen

I share Santos Bonacci’s wisdom for people who want to strengthen and free their physical, mental, emotional, soul, spirit body. Please share so that others may do the same. With thanks.

Hat tip Todd!

SF Source Our Greater Destiny Dec. 2016

67 thoughts on “The Sacred Secret [w/ Video]

  1. In order to get the most benefit from this you must come to the point of reaching near release (orgasm) and stop. The same “sacred oil” is similiar to your orgasmic fluids. Reach the point of almost no return and stop for the days that the moon is crossing your particular star sign. If you accidentally release you will notice that the fluid is different on those particular days. It needs to be looser to travel upwards.

    You still need to do the basics, clear out all foreign bodies (parasites, infections and viruses), meditate regularly but particularly on those days, eat healthier, get over your sins, build a relationship with God, and do some service to humanity.

    Also, if you are not ready do not attempt this. One thing people don’t understand is that your pineal gland will alter your reality by giving you more understanding. You will awaken the ability to fully master your cognitive empathy, that’s the good part. The part people can’t understand is that you can be stuck in Limbo so to speak. It’s the 6th chakra. Naturally the spiritual community writes it off but you can remain in a state where you are tempted by Saturn and it’s frequencies will make this plane paradise. No one is prepared for the consequences of opening their 3rd eye. You will understand information deeper and you will also be subject to Saturn’s frequencies, you will never escape this matrix if you don’t get your energy out of the pineal gland. You are aiming for the Divine chakra, the only way out of the 3rd eye chakra is through the Christ. Blessings to you all and peace.

    1. Thank you so much for your insight. Anyway you can connect with me via email? My email is felipe0627 @
      I’d like the opportunity to ask a few questions.

  2. The book God-man the word made flesh by George w. Carey. It explains the sacred secretion in great detail. It’s a 29 1/2 day process starting on the day the moon enters your sun sign. Awaken brothers and sisters..

      1. Thanks for asking! Let me say first that some of my understanding has changed since I have been studying the sacred secretion for the last 2 years or so. The information in George Carey’s book doesn’t get very specific about times-etc. Basically when the moon enters your birth(sun) sign is approximately the time that the seed is born. It’s different for everyone based on toxicity, diet, spiritual growth etc. It’s kind of like the woman’s menstrual cycle -it’s unique to the woman’s system. Supposedly you can feel pressure (soreness) at the base of your spine when the seed is born. Fast/abstain/no alcohol/meat/acidic foods for 6 days or so. Namaste!

      2. Thx Greg. I’ve too read plenty, but unlike you I havent experienced it. I have stayed away from acid foods, alcohol including meats of any kind. I been a vegetarian since May 2018. Mediation every morning for the most part. I am aware of the moon cycles as well and know when the moon enters my sign. Yet, I feel like I must be missing something. I hear some people dont eat at all fpr some days, just drinking water and ot helps but I havent done that.

        Any other advice?


      3. You’re doing great! It will be an incremental thing .. IE increased number synchronicities (11:11, 33,1234,etc.) -knowing things you can’t explain, etc. It’s incremental by design. Too much at once could be very hard to manage. Check out John st julien and Santos Bonacci on YouTube on the subject. All the best!

  3. I was somehow able to achieve this sacred secretion very early on in my meditation journey. (2 months) I did not realize at the time what I was doing and used a lot of different techniques combined. I was not aware that there was a seed or that it coincided with my birth sign. I was using deep diaphramic breathing 4-4-4-4 breath and working on chakra meditation. The kundalini must have activated without my realization or knowledge of it. I was working on chakras for the purpose of opening my third eye chakra specifically. I used binaural frequencies in combination with the breathing and a visualization technique to send energy down and then back up my spine. The first time I tried this it caused an astral projection then took me for a wild ride through my root chakra and out of my crown as awareness only then back into my third eye. I started to panic and escaped out of my heart chakra to my 3-D body. During the ascent through my chakras my spine realigned itself violently making loud popping noises and my body swayed back and forth. I saw energy unlike anything I can even begin to describe. To a new mediator this completely and irreversibly blew my perception of reality. My pupils were dilated for hours after and I was in pure bliss. It left me in a altered state for many weeks after and very confused as to what had happened. It was only a few days ago(9 months later) that I have remembered and connected all of the things that led me to this experiece. In the past few days I have once again started to cultivate this energy in the way I had previously done it, down then back up my spine to my third eye to try and repeat the process. I will try to follow what others have said about the seed during my birth sign and maybe I will be able to achieve this awakening once again. For me knowledge of this did not make it happen it just did. It completely changed my life for the better in every way and I am no longer the person I used to be. I am a stranger to my relatives and friends though as they cannot even begin to comprehend this experience nor could I explain it because I didn’t know what it was or why it had happened. I thought it was kundalini awakening but now I realize it was so much more. Thank you for posting this information to help me remember what it was I possibly did to achieve this and I will follow the steps provided to make it happen again. Hopefully this may help someone else on their journey. If any more advice can be offered I would appreciate it. 🙏🏻

  4. Greetings fellow homo-sapiens sapiens!
    Just like mr. Santos I have spent a large portion of my life studying various ancient secrets, hidden truths and various religions/sciences. Our bodies are the temple without a doubt. The most knowledge I have gained comes from Africa and Asia,
    particularly Moorish Temples, Ninja Dojos, Shaolin Chambers, Buddhist viharas and many more. In the end if you ask for a 360 degree knowledge, many doors will open.

    One thing that is not exposed and is misleading far too many people who are eager to be awoken is lifestyle itself, as it was pointed out.
    If you drink tap water which contains Fluoride and Chloride, buy plastic packaged starchy and acidic foods, you are completely wasting time trying to ascend.
    Majority of population today have calcified pineal glands, so you have blocked/dead body parts and expect them to operate normally and cure you. That is impossible.

    First a person has to completely detach from this sickly system we have created globally and live on own self-sustained accord, eating fresh living products nature has to offer. An eco-pyramid with it’s own atmosphere,water and soil would be a perfect solution, you can google such ”homes” easy. Plus a 55degree pyramid has it’s own electro-magnetic effects on the body if you position yourself in the center.
    Such information is easy to find now a days with internet.

    Once you have grasped the essence of yourself like that and change your own ”shine” opening the 7 crown chakras which have been clogged up for most of our lives, true path begins.
    Human body is like an antenna, a transmitter of Cosmic knowledge, so I strongly recommend to stop using fake products such as shampoo, hair gel and so on.
    Let your hair grow naturally and only wash it with natural soaps(alcohol+fat),
    for it has neuron endings just like a radio receiver. (to learn more look up Native American Indians experiment US army did)

    After you have detoxified and cleansed your body worth of 30-40years of pollution, it takes a few months of meditation and reiki practice to get in tune with your natural frequency, a personal vibration of energy that envelops all living.
    (Kirlian photography)

    Only now can we begin to align ourselves according to the stars! As above so bellow.
    Now we are open to all sorts of information to pour down into brain and figure out who we are, why we are here and what is our long term goal on planet Earth.


  5. Good Evening!

    I screwed up last month trying to do this. I am in Central Time and I am an Aquarius. Could you answer all of the following in detail:

    1. Can you give me instructions on what all I need to do to experience and maintain this/further this?

    2. Is this the same thing as Kundalini Awakening and will this balance my chakras/open up my third eye?

    3. Anything else pertinent I should know? I want to achieve enlightenment, then help spread that so that I can help change the World and usher in the New Age of Peace in the Age of Aquarius.

    Your help would be most appreciated, I hope to hear back ASAP.

    1. Kyle, please contact the individuals on the video directly. I cannot assist you. Please read the comments for assistance in getting to Santos Bonacci. Thanks. Gillian

  6. Hi, thanks for the post. I am a newbie in this area. I got attracted to this post as I am going through financial distress and I found out about meditation and spiritual journey possibilities it may offer. Anyone has experienced what this means for someone who is still in massive financial debt? Will I see debt in different way? Will it lead to motivation to work or find solutions and pay off the debt? Thanks in advance for your response.

  7. Just had the moon in my star sign Virgo which ended today,,, during the process I had mood swings which I normally don’t have maybe this was simply old energy being released making room for something bigger,, today I feel at peace has anyone else experienced this

    1. i feel like ive been able to figure out so much more about myself in the last week than in the last 5 years. we all have issues deep seeded from our childhood, until very recently i never understood why i was the way i was. ive even figured out local issues, not necessarily deep inside, but surface stuff. its been very eye opening and helped me progress as a person…also, from everything i could find on the length of “purity” fast is that it takes 3 days from the sacrum to top of the spine and another 2.5 or 3 days of dormancy before its released for the “awakening” of dormant brain cells. so from that i feel its a total of 6 days from start of your moon sequence. mine was from dec18 to the 24th…really tough, but i feel its worth it to keep going every month. i briefly corresponded with santos and he said this is a lifetime process…i hope all of this shines a light on some questions…namaste

  8. i completely understand how the oil is dropped on your sun sign and moon alignment and that it takes 3 days from that point to go back up, but it also states that it lies dormant for 3 days as well. does this mean that it is a 6 day total process from “seed birth” to completion? or is everything completed after 3 days when that moon phase is over?…i, like most feel a little lost with some of the timing…help

    1. I recently talked to Santos Bonnaci via email to try and get some clarification on this process. He said that the oil does lay dorment and “germinate” so to speak for 3 days but aside from that he said everything else in the process is relative to the person depending on your age, health, lifestyle ect. He said if you are someone who eats an alkaline diet regularly, exercises and has progressed fairly well on your spiritual journey then then process my only take a day on top of the 3 dormant days. But he also said if you havent yet developed the lifestyle and spiritual growth necessary then the process could take a month or more. I know this is still someone vague but hopefully it helps and gives a little bit better idea of how the process may go

  9. Absolutely wonderful article. I saw the video before doing a search on Google. The process resonates completely with me and I look forward to taking my next leap on this journey. God bless.

  10. I believe it could be possible religion all religions are a little sketchy. They don’t tell the hole truth.

    It would be interesting to learn more about this as I am more spiritual than religious.

    What I get confused is with the seed, the vertebrate how long to wait, what to do that day. Doesn’t say much only little parts of it.

    1. I’m certainly pleased there is so much interest in this article and the possibilities of evolutionary growth it describes. That said, it would be very difficult for any single article to present the whole truth about the entirety of spirituality. It’s – at best – a springboard for those who wish to attain further knowledge. It alerts you to certain truths about life, after which it is your task to follow through – either INTERIORLY or through research. The web (especially Youtube) are vast resources. -g

      1. I just stumbled on this article and got so excited. I will be researching to practice this for my own spirtual development. i got excited because even though there is no scientific evidence I found so much truth in it. I had experienced the Christ consciousness in 1981 and have been longing to find my way back to experiance it again and be able to induce it at will. It was absolutely beyond fantastic. Since that time I have a great sense of truth . This article is like a light at the end of the tunnel for me.

  11. I have a few questions the 1st question
    How far in advance should you prepare your body for the sacred secretion one weeks before 2 weeks before?
    Once the sacred secretion has begun its journey how long does it take? and should I be fasting at that time along with abstaining from sex

    1. Hi Luis, please pose your question to Santos Bonacci. He should be able to answer your question. Unfortunately I cannot give you a link to contact him. -g

      1. I believe all of this could be very true. I have looked into this and studied it very extensively but i have a few issues with it. The problem is that each person who is providing information on this topic (who all must surely have personal experience with it because of the lack of scientific proof or literature) they all are saying the same things. It is very confusing to be so detailed and precise on certain aspects of this process but very vague on other aspects such as the timeline (which may be the most important thing of all aside from preparation). To say a substance is created in your body when the moon enters into your particular astral sign, then (without even the most basic timetable) that it travels down your spine and lays dorment for 3 days and if unused it reverts back up the spine and back into the brain where it mixes with seratonin from the pituitary and dmt from the pineal to form a christ-like compound which wakens your spirit along with millions of dormant brain cells and other things such as the production of new blood. How is it that everyone teaching this can be so precise about certain aspects of this such as the 3 days that this oil lays dorment or how when the oil reverts back up your spine it speeds up (even though it is a liquid which is now going up instead of down). And along with that it is said that once it returns to the brain it mixes with dmt and seratonin to create a new chemical which has profound effects. Seratonin and dmt are released from different glands at different times and actually the majority of our serotonin is in our intestine while dmt is released during sleep (only in minuscule amounts). I have prepped for this process and according to this it will begin for me in 3 days. I still believe this could be a real thing because amazing things can happen through fasting, alkaline dieting, meditation ect. And our bodies are like chemistry sets. Hopefully it works but i am still very confused as to how people teaching this with personal experience can know so much about it but not know some of the most important details of it.

  12. Could somebody please elaborate on how much time this process actually takes. I get that it takes 3 days before it raises back up the spine but how long on average does the beginning and end process take as well as the progression up and down the spine?

    1. When I went to the website I found that I had to abstain from sexual activity for three days– December 23 until the 26th. This is when the secretion will happen.
      I say use your intuition. That’s a common theme of spirituality. You know what’s right for you.

      1. Hello. I as well would like to know what happens after this 3 days. The moon just left my sun sign (Libra) and I fasted for those 3 days. What I do not understand is the before and after process of those 3 days, what then? There seems to be some instruction missing. Thanks!

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