Remaking The Internet: Berners-Lee And Russia

internetJoseph P Farrell – Last Monday you’ll recall I blogged about the op-ed piece in TASS by Mr. Dmitri Medvedev, a stable feature and highly placed individual within the Russian government in the past few years. In his article, Mr. Medvedev pointed out the dubious precedent of the American tech-giants censoring Mr. Trump, and implied the necessity for other countries to distance themselves from their social media platforms. In the context of his remarks, he clearly meant to imply that these were some of the blowback or fallout issues stemming from the recent American elections.

But there are more, and they concern the internet itself. These two articles, shared by D.D. and V.T. respectively, concern that blowback regarding the internet more directly:

Russia May Fine Citizens Who Use SpaceX’s Starlink Internet Over Russian ISPs

Let’s take the first article from Zero Hedge first. The Russian concern appears to be space-related: Continue reading “Remaking The Internet: Berners-Lee And Russia”

The Best Really Is Yet to Come [Video]

CatholicAlexandra Bruce – I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover that one of the most consistently incisive and pithy sources of news and analysis on YouTube is done by Michael Matt, Editor of The Remnant, a St. Paul, Minnesota-based Catholic newspaper that bills itself as the “Oldest traditional Catholic newspaper in the world”, which is strongly critical of Pope Francis and of all the Globalist policies currently endorsed by the Catholic Church.

As crushed as many feel about the revelations of unfathomable corruption, between the election fraud, its certification by a crooked congress to the swearing-in of a cadaverous Chinese Agent, Michael Matt gives a passionate breakdown of why America and Christians are so much better off after 4 years Trump and how the Republican Party will never again be of the Mitt Romneys and the John McCains of this world. Continue reading “The Best Really Is Yet to Come [Video]”

Observing Fraud and the Driving Force Behind It

corruptJames Gilliland – Is anyone else seeing something definitely wrong with this picture. This may very well be all theatrics. Biden was never sent a plane or helicopter no Air Force 1, 2, 3 zip, he had to come in and go out on a private jet. He was never given the football, the special case with the nuclear codes thank God.

The pentagon will not cooperate with him, no intelligence briefings etc., which obviously would go straight to China. The CCP brags how they control the highest levels in the American government putting multimillions of dollars in Biden’s and other politicians pockets. This is not to mention the Chinese spies, honey traps used to compromise people in power.

Continue reading “Observing Fraud and the Driving Force Behind It”

Allow “Good Things” To Be The Center Of Your World

lightVeronica – We are often asked how one can lead a better, more fulfilled life. Of course all of you are individuals so there is no standard answer.

However, we do suggest this.

It is important to allow the “good things” to be the center of your world. Yes, there will be crazy, “bad things” along the way. By fortifying the positive within yourself the probability of being impacted by the “bad things’ lessens to a great degree.

Getting caught up in a negative swirl can be upsetting. One wonders often how they got themselves into such a mess. Realize that by identifying the source one can create themselves out of said mess. Continue reading “Allow “Good Things” To Be The Center Of Your World”

How the Fall of Art Brings You Down

“Art is necessary in order that man should be able to recognize and change the world. But art is also necessary by virtue of the magic inherent in it.” – Ernst Fischer

artEstee Horn – Do you want your life to be better over time?

Well, duh!

We all want to progress. No one wants their gravestone’s inscription to be, “This person existed for a while without making any changes, made no connections, and nobody noticed their absence.” We all want to grow, to overcome the obstacles we face, to touch others’ lives, to be significant.

We all want to make a difference. Continue reading “How the Fall of Art Brings You Down”