Powerful Ways To Calm Your Mind

magnesiumNick Polizzi – We are living through tumultuous times. Between wildfires, viruses and pockets of violence around the world, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. I know I do.

Alarming footage is everywhere, there’s a hodgepodge of different ideas, and it seems like everyone is on edge.

That’s why it is incredibly important to cultivate a few practices that will calm and center you – within minutes.

If you’re in a constant state of fight-or-flight, your body’s vital processes slowly shut down, and your immune and digestive systems are the first to suffer. BUT – if you can catch yourself in those challenging moments before they turn into anxiety, your body can bounce back quickly! Continue reading “Powerful Ways To Calm Your Mind”

The Symbolism of the Mesopotamian Handbag

hermeticsEthan Indigo Smith –  The handbag is a symbolic correspondence we can find among depictions of Sumerian Gods, Mesoamerican reliefs, symbolic stones at Gobekli Tepe, India, and beyond. The handbag symbolism is on one level symbolic for development of civilization through the agricultural fostering of natural systems. The Sumerian Gods are said to hold a bag of pollen for pollinating the date palm to enhance its production of food.

hermeticsFor a wonderful exoteric lesson of the Sumerian Bag demonstrated in reliefs of Gods and the similarity to other bags and symbolism the world over, do read this extensive overview of the symbolism demonstrated in Sumerian stone work/art.

As with any symbolism of any depth there is going to be the immediate differentiation of the esoteric and exoteric symbolic aspects and there are often multiple sets of symbolism within the primary differentiation.

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Leverage the Fear, Limit the Losses, and Tame the Trauma

fearsJennifer Hoffman – Fear is a word that we use many different ways, as a noun, a verb, an adjective, and a modifier in how we speak and in how we live. But as you have heard me say often, fear is not a thing.

We do not fear ‘fear’, we fear consequences. And those consequences are very real – these things have happened to us but they do not have to keep happening to us and that is why learning to leverage fear is so important now. We can use our fears as stepping stones to greater potential when we learn the value of resistance and the true nature and potential of our fears.

Have you ever been afraid of something that you just cannot explain? Do you find yourself making excuses or making allowances for your fears automatically? Not sure what I am talking about? Here is an example – my fear of the cold in the podcast. Continue reading “Leverage the Fear, Limit the Losses, and Tame the Trauma”

Are you enjoying your day?

enjoy lifeThe Angels – Are you enjoying your life now? If not, what could you do today, to enjoy your life more? Are you enjoying your thoughts? If not what could you think about instead? Are you enjoying the things you focus on in the world? If not, what else might you focus upon?

Life is too short not to enjoy it, and you have a choice. Life is a buffet of smells, sights, sounds, textures, tastes, people, beliefs, ideologies, experiences, and possibilities! Life is a veritable smorgasbord of energies in so many different forms and combinations! There literally is “something for everyone” and “someone for everyone.”

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Consciousness VS Awareness: What’s the Big Difference?

awarenessDylan Harper – What is the difference between awareness and consciousness? How are the two concepts interlinked? Keep reading to find out about the hidden secrets of the universe!

Imagine yourself in the middle of a forest, being chased by a bear. The rustling of leaves behind you burgeons your pace, causing a much needed adrenaline rush. As you run across the landscape, you search for possible escapes. You are aware of the trees, and the animal life in your vicinity (imagine the forest sounds), but you’re conscious about a possible, untimely end to the journey of your life.

And before the bear catches up, let’s snap back to reality and ward off the threat! Continue reading “Consciousness VS Awareness: What’s the Big Difference?”