Chairman Devin Nunes Discusses Declassification and Congressional Investigations… [Video]

Devin NunesSundance – Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes appears with Maria Bartiromo for a wide-ranging discussion on a variety of current issues and events.  The interview begins with a discussion on China’s strategic economic objectives and continues into issues surrounding congressional investigations of the DOJ and FBI.

In the second half of the interview Chairman Nunes shares some insight from interviews, testimony and depositions from approximately 70 former administration officials and calls for the release of the transcripts.  According to Nunes 70 to 80% of all testimony is not classified.  The remaining 20% could be declassified for release by the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Dan Coats.  The interview is in two segments: Continue reading “Chairman Devin Nunes Discusses Declassification and Congressional Investigations… [Video]”

Financial Perks Of Owning Bitcoin And Other Cryptos

BitcoinNowadays consumers have far more options than ever before. While they can stick with conventional currencies, they may also want to think about buying into cryptocurrencies. Over the years Bitcoin, Ethereum and even Ripple have managed to gain immense popularity. This is unlikely going to change anytime soon.

Cryptocurrencies offer a wealth of benefits that cannot be found anywhere else. This is definitely true for consumers who are interested in improving their finances. Within this guide, you’re going to learn about the financial perks of owning and using cryptocurrencies.

Lower Transaction Costs

First and foremost, you should know that cryptocurrencies have much lower costs than the alternatives. When you’re trading with cryptos, you won’t have to worry about credit card transaction fees. When you use your credit card, you’re often charged a transaction fee. This is usually never the case with cryptos. You can use your Bitcoin and Ripple as much as you please without having to worry about paying a fee. You can use Bitcoin as much as you want without having to pay for anything. There are usually no transaction costs whether you’re buying or selling cryptocurrencies. Continue reading “Financial Perks Of Owning Bitcoin And Other Cryptos”

Oracle Report Monday, September 17, 2018

marsLaura Walker – Astrologically, we have a big week in store.

Messages, Information, And Revelations are on tap, beginning today.  Here’s a rather long overview of how it will play out, and I hope that it provides helpful navigation:

1- Messages begin today with the Moon making conjunction with Saturn at 12:24 pm ET/4:24 pm UT at 03 Capricorn, “the human soul, in its eagerness for new experiences, seeks embodiment.”  In addition to messages about our direction in life and how to enhance our experience of life, we see changes to the structure or format of things (which may be unexpected).

It is very easy to be hard on ourselves when the Moon and Saturn are conjunct, especially when they are conjunct in Saturn’s home sign of Capricorn.  We tend to over-focus on our shortcomings and perceived failures.  In Freudian terms, our superego can go into super-drive.  Bypass the negative mental loop; chalk it up to Saturn; redirect with something productive (cleaning is a good way to satisfy and move this energy).  We want to check things off our list with this energy (and tend to get project our own feelings about not completing our own list onto other people).  Let’s hold back the judgment and criticism and the self-judgment and self-criticism. Continue reading “Oracle Report Monday, September 17, 2018”

Magic Happens

hurricaneOwen K Waters – Hurricane Florence, with its winds churning at 140 mph, was predicted to be a Category 4 or 5 hurricane by the time it made landfall on the U.S. east coast.

Thank you to everyone who responded with prayers and healing light as the hurricane came ashore. The intensity of the storm was much lighter than expected thanks to the thoughts and prayers of lightworkers everywhere. Florence made landfall as a Category 1, with winds much reduced to 90 mph.

Most of the mortal danger from Hurricane Florence is now over. What remains is further risks from flooding all the way up the eastern U.S.

As the people affected move into recovery mode, they face the possibility of devastating and heartbreaking losses along with a long and frustrating road toward repair and some semblance of normalcy in their lives. Continue reading “Magic Happens”

Rip-offs In Healthcare, Especially Prescription Drugs [w/ Videos]

drugsCatherine Frompovich – The healthcare – or shall I call it “sickness care” – industries in the United States and, perhaps globally, apparently operate under several misleading practices of being there to help consumers get well.

Although that sounds altruistic, nothing probably is further from factual and monetary truths, according to many concerned individuals who recognize what amounts to “rip-offs” and are calling it out for what it is.

In view of the exorbitantly annual increases in healthcare insurance premiums and prescription drug plans, consumers and regulatory agencies must step back to reassess “what the hell is going on” with price increases that prevent those folks who take prescription drugs from either cutting back on them or not being able to afford them in the first place.

One of the prime areas of apparent deceitful healthcare practices to investigate is found in prescription pharmaceuticals where ‘mammoth monetizing’ goes on at various levels along the distribution/sales channels. One of the identified ‘culprits’ is “Pharmacy Benefit Managers” (PBMs), which basically amounts to what some call “abusive middlemen.” Continue reading “Rip-offs In Healthcare, Especially Prescription Drugs [w/ Videos]”