Colombia’s Child Assassins | At the Gates of Hell [Video]

Violence has been no stranger to Colombia, however there has been a shifting trend in the criminal age group. When realising the prison time for minors was significantly less, street gangs took advantage of the poor children and began using them for murders and prostitution. These are the accounts of those children who believe there’s only two ways of leaving the street life: jail, or the cemetery. Continue reading “Colombia’s Child Assassins | At the Gates of Hell [Video]”

Patriot Accounts Taken Down by Youtube – Find them here

censored sitesCorey – Corey’s Digs reported on the censorship taking place by big tech back in August, 2019: Controlling Minds, Narratives & Elections: Google, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter, and interviewed Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies on the Dig It! Podcast. Since then, the censorship has escalated dramatically, election interference being predominant, and a large amount of reporters and journalists with substantial followings are being wrongfully terminated with no explanation.

In some cases, Paypal has locked down their accounts while holding their funds hostage, and Sean at SGT Report just had his Patreon account removed over reporting on Qanon. The purge is real. Continue reading “Patriot Accounts Taken Down by Youtube – Find them here”

Hunter’s Laptop Sinking Joe, Economic Update [Video]

debatesGreg Hunter – If you are a staunch Biden supporter, you probably thought he did pretty well in the last Presidential debate of the 2020 election season. If you are a Trump supporter, you probably thought the President won.

The fact is this debate did not settle much, but it did draw some gaping wounds on former Vice President Biden. Biden finally admitted that he does want to do away with the oil and natural gas business. That is going to hurt him in States like Texas and Pennsylvania. Also, news of his son Hunter’s damning emails showing the Biden family cashing in was not denied by Joe, but simply passed off as Russian propaganda. Continue reading “Hunter’s Laptop Sinking Joe, Economic Update [Video]”

Emmet Sullivan Delays General Flynn Case Again

Emmett SullivanJoe Hoft – The wholly corrupt judge in the General Flynn case, Judge Emmet Sullivan, has delayed Flynn’s right to a speedy trial and continues to abuse the General who the DOJ admitted a half a year ago was wrongfully prosecuted.

While General Flynn endures years of Deep State prosecutorial abuse based on no crimes and made up crimes and deep state lies, others like Hunter Biden are allowed to walk freely after taking millions from foreign entities in shady deals while Barack Obama was President.

American general and war hero, General Michael Flynn obtained attorneys from Covington to represent him in the filing of a FARA form in December of 2016, shortly after the 2016 election. A few months later, General Flynn’s life was turned upside down and he eventually hired Covington again, but this time to represent him on charges being leveled against him by the Mueller gang. Continue reading “Emmet Sullivan Delays General Flynn Case Again”

The Old World Is Falling Away and Making Way for a New One

new beginningsPaul Lenda – It may seem like the world is a chaotic mess right now. However, maybe it’s good. It’s a good idea to remember the Chinese parable of the Old Man and the Horse. Something may appear at first to be terrible or catastrophic, yet it leads to something better. We are seeing this play out right now but on a grand scale. The old world, which didn’t work that well for anyone, is falling away. A new world is emerging to take its place.

Painful Endings Are New Beginnings

You need not cry because something is over. Instead, you can smile because it happened. Let’s face it. The ‘system’ was dysfunctional at its core. Even the wealthiest beings in the world have to breathe the same polluted air everyone else does. Nobody is separate from a collective consciousness and self-contained ecosystem.

Continue reading “The Old World Is Falling Away and Making Way for a New One”