Ride Waves Of Light Entering In The Weeks Ahead

lightEmmanuel Dagher – Over the next few weeks, we will notice an increasing influx of Light enter our personal space and the world as a whole, as the healing energies of the Sun continue to activate every cell and fiber of our being.

There may be surreal moments where things feel a bit strange to the mind, yet know that it’s all in support of the next step of our evolutionary journey.

For many, the Light making its way into our personal and collective experience will feel like a rebirth, especially since the past few months have brought in a roller coaster of emotions and experiences that most have found challenging to navigate. Continue reading “Ride Waves Of Light Entering In The Weeks Ahead”

The Theranos Story Just Keeps Getting Weirder…

TheranosJoseph P Farrell – It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about Elizabeth Holmes and her Silicon Valley start-up, Theranos, both of which were one-time darlings of the early morning coffee TV shows. The  story fascinates me because there’s so much weirdness about it. In case you’re unaware of the Holmes-Theranos story, Holmes founded her company to build a device that would test for an entire panoply of diseases, from one small drop of blood, and do analyses and diagnosis from that device. The trick was, she wanted that device to be no bigger than a computer printer, and put them in every home.

Skeptics didn’t get much time on those early morning shows, and Holmes’ company, Theranos, began to get a lot of attention from the military and related defense contractors.

My own personal view when I first read about the story after hearing about it from Catherine Austin Fitts, was that whatever Holmes was doing, it would have to involve optics and a healthy dose – not to coin a pun – of some cutting edge physics.  Eventually, the claims and lack of their fulfillment eventually caught up with Holmes, and she was indicted for fraud. Continue reading “The Theranos Story Just Keeps Getting Weirder…”

The Issue Is Not Election Fraud

peopleDr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal – You know that.

They just don’t want a 1) wildly popular 2) un-threatenable, and above all 3) America-first President in charge.

JFK was like that. Trump was like that. Surely someone else is waiting in the wings.

Who will they destroy next with the accusations — mentally unstable, corrupt, racist or antisemitic, tyrannical, bullying, yada yada yada.

Underneath it all is the seamy fact that certain people who’ve been near the levers of power for a long time, maybe a lifetime, think they know better than the people. Continue reading “The Issue Is Not Election Fraud”

Biden to Harris: Disaster 1 to Disaster 2

Steve Feinstein – That “President” Biden is an unmitigated disaster as our chief executive is so painfully apparent to everyone that it hardly seems necessary to point it out.  Nonetheless, just briefly consider:

Catastrophic Governance

BidenHis policies — anti-energy, anti-business, anti-military, anti-America First — have wrecked the economy, driven gas to over $3.00/gallon, given us the absolute worst illegal immigration crisis in our history, and bankrupted the country. In a warped way, it’s kind of impressive that he’s done that in only a bit over four months. Continue reading “Biden to Harris: Disaster 1 to Disaster 2”

What’s Behind The Deep Space Radio Bursts?

The question of whether we’re truly alone in the universe has been the preoccupation of scientists, science-fiction writers, and everyday people for hundreds of years. The chances of the residents of Earth being the only forms of sentient life in the whole universe seem infinitesimally small. We live on only one planet, in orbit around just one star.

Our native galaxy, the Milky Way, hosts an estimated four hundred billion stars. They don’t all have planets in orbit around them, but even if only ten per cent of them did, that’s four hundred million star systems with planets. At least some of them must surely host life. Continue reading “What’s Behind The Deep Space Radio Bursts?”