Unvaccinated Children Are “The Healthiest Children I’ve Ever Seen”

vaccinesArjun Walia – It’s always worrisome publishing an article about vaccine safety and posting it on Facebook. But why is that? One would think that discussions and concerns about vaccine safety would be encouraged. However, the opposite is true–Facebook has been cracking down on any information that they deem as “anti-vaccine.”

Does this mean that reporting on a study addressing the concerns of aluminum adjuvants in vaccines, for example, will be prevented from spreading and possibly even labelled as “fake news,” despite the fact that it’s been published in a peer-reviewed medical journal?

Does this mean that a paediatrician, like the one below, will also be censored for sharing his opinion based on his research and experience? Continue reading “Unvaccinated Children Are “The Healthiest Children I’ve Ever Seen””

Trump Fires Back After Obama Tries To Take Credit For His Economic Success

US economyPoliZette Staff – Earlier today, we reported that former President Barack Obama had taken a subtle jab at Donald Trump on Presidents Day by trying to take credit for the economic success of the last few years. Now, President Trump has fired back to make it clear that the economy is booming right now solely because of him, and Obama had nothing to do with it.

It all started on Monday morning, when Obama took to Twitter to mark the tenth anniversary of his signing of the economic stimulus package.

“Eleven years ago today, near the bottom of the worst recession in generations, I signed the Recovery Act, paving the way for more than a decade of economic growth and the longest streak of job creation in American history,” Obama tweeted Continue reading “Trump Fires Back After Obama Tries To Take Credit For His Economic Success”

No Sex ‘Spectrum’ Beyond Male and Female

Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D. – The Wall Street Journal has issued a throwdown to the gender lobby, insisting in an op-ed Thursday that sex is binary and there is no “spectrum.”

“In humans, reproductive anatomy is unambiguously male or female at birth more than 99.98% of the time,” note biologists Colin M. Wright and Emma N. Hilton. “The evolutionary function of these two anatomies is to aid in reproduction via the fusion of sperm and ova.”

“No third type of sex cell exists in humans, and therefore there is no sex ‘spectrum’ or additional sexes beyond male and female. Sex is binary,” they assert. Continue reading “No Sex ‘Spectrum’ Beyond Male and Female”

Juror 1261: Was Justice Undone In The Trial Of Roger Stone

PelosiJonathan Turley – She was Juror No. 1261, and her examination by the federal court and counsel before the trial was anything but notable. And that is precisely the problem.

Juror 1261, we now know, was Tomeka Hart. Her identity would have remained publicly unknown except for a public statement she made after the Department of Justice (DOJ) rescinded its initial sentencing recommendation for Trump confidant Roger Stone. In the midst of the firestorm of allegations of political interference, Hart disclosed that she was the foreperson on the Stone jury and gave a full-throated defense of the trial prosecutors: “It pains me to see the DOJ now interfere with the hard work of the prosecutors.” Continue reading “Juror 1261: Was Justice Undone In The Trial Of Roger Stone”

Things You Should Know About Spirit Guides

spirit guidesNikki Harper – If you’re remotely interested in psychic development, sooner or later someone will mention spirit guides. A friend might talk about being told or “given” something by their guide, or those developing their psychic gifts will excitedly tell you about having met their guide. Which leaves you feeling let down or anxious because, well, you don’t have a guy called White Cloud directing your every move. Should you have? Not necessarily. Here are five things you should know about spirit guides.

1 You Won’t Necessarily Ever “Meet” Your Guides

As far as we can possibly tell, most people have a number of spirit guides, whether they are aware of them or not. But, crucially, many successful mediums and psychics don’t know who their guides are, and have not “met” them, if by meeting them we mean having a mental conversation or seeing a vision. Many people do, and many more people convince themselves they have, but not everyone does. And that’s OK. You’ll know that your guides are around you and working with you if your psychic development progresses. Continue reading “Things You Should Know About Spirit Guides”