Through the Eye of the Eclipse

Important dates for this Mercury retrograde

August 12, 2017 at 6:00pm Mercury Stations Retrograde at 11º Virgo, opposite Neptune at 13º Pisces.

Mercury begins its retrograde journey in a very close opposition to Neptune who’s in his home sign of Pisces, indicating that our experience of the mundane may be colored by Neptune’s dreamy and ethereal qualities. This could ripple into human consciousness in the form of heightened imagination and connection with the unseen realms. It could possibly spell out tendencies toward escapism, confusion, or an unconscious tendency to avoid the more challenging aspects of one’s experience.

August 22, 2017 at 3:00am – Mercury conjunct the Moon at 7º Virgo. Emotional awareness.

Aug 26, 2017 – Mercury Conjunct the Sun. One highlight of the Mercury Retrograde period – miscommunications intensify.

August 31, 2017 – Mercury moves backward into Leo. We will be revisiting issues from July and particularly the time around the first Leo New Moon of July 23rd.

September 3, 2017 – Mercury conjoins Mars and trines Uranus from 28º Leo which is ALSO the Solar Eclipse Degree, and therefore more significant. This is a dicey time when things that are spoken or blurted out could go wrong. Unforeseen consequences. These two days therefore require caution.

September 5, 2017 – Mercury Stations Direct at 28º Leo. The conjunction with Mars has shifted with Mars in Virgo. This is still a time to be careful and to silently witness everything that is happening to you.

September 9, 2017 at 8:48am – Mercury Escapes Retrograde Shadow. The Retrograde period is officially over but we will spend the next six months or more contemplating the lessons learned.

new moonHenry Seltzer –   Mercury Retrograde is here again. That time become notorious for missed connections, miscommunications, and malfunctioning electronics is with us through the Solar Eclipse of August 21st and on into September.

Among the seeming drawbacks and headache-inducing circumstances, however, Mercury Retrograde periods are also a time when greater awareness and mindfulness are employed, so that there are rich potentials to be had, as well as urges within that we slow our activity down. We are enjoined to tune in, and to be truly present with ourselves and our issues.

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China, Geopolitics, And Debt Cancellation

chinaJoseph P Farrell – Over the past few years we’ve seen the emergence of the BRICSA bloc (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) rise to challenge the the global hegemony of the Anglosphere and the western financial system. It has not been met idly: former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, who brought her country into the BRICSA bloc, was overturned in that country by what amounts to a Brazilian Senate-led coup d’etat alleging corruption charges against her admi  istration; Argentina, which under former President Fernandez de Kircher looked like it might join the alliance, elected a much more pro-western president; India and China are currently squaring off (again) over disputed territories along their borders. There are definitely cracks in the mortar of the BRICS.

But despite the pushback from the West, China (and Russia) have forged ahead with their plans for development of the new “silk road” project of China. Russia and China have both recently inked deals pledging to develop a very northern (read Arctic) version of the road, by-passing the troubled central Asian and Middle Eastern regions.

Both nations know, however, that the shift to land-based transport of most of the world’s trade is subject to interdiction from space, and equally, that in order to make their plans work, they have to have a secure system of international financial clearing, which again, will require a dramatic expansion of their space assets, and China has made it abundantly clear that it understands these implications of its plans. The USA knows all of this too, and hence, has moved in recent years to create space-based branches and command structures in its military. Continue reading “China, Geopolitics, And Debt Cancellation”

Charlottesville Staged Confrontation!

Dr. Steve Pieczenik – Charlottesville’s Michael Signer colludes with Richard Spencer to create a pre-planned, staged confrontation [FBI/CIA]! The recent tragedy in Charlottesville Va. where fully armed Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists marched in unison to protest the withdrawal of the Robert E. Lee statue. This protest was planned months ago (see recent posts).

The fact that these individuals shouted ‘racist’ and ‘anti-Semitic’ slurs belied one simple fact. Like any movement which supposedly represents so-called American Nationalism or pro-Trump sentiments, Richard Spencer’s influence was quite apparent to me. Spencer’s cohort is the has been Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke. By now, David has been on the payroll of the FBI and several other federal organizations for decades.

What caught my attention in the recent blusterous moment of faux-history was that the two antagonists facing off in this Civil War Wrestlemania have almost identical backgrounds! Let me be more specific. This “confrontation” is a highly staged event by two men who have rapacious political ambitions but are seemingly at opposite ends of the political spectrum. In reality, these two men are far more similar than different. Both are born of wealth. Each is a spoiled, effete intellectual who has never served our country other than reaching into the bowels of local and national politics in order to promote their narcissism.

Richard Spencer, the supposed intellectual backbone of a gang of pro-Nazi losers, was born in the highly liberal town of Boston, Mass. Get this: He was born to the exceedingly wealthy, liberal ophthalmologist Dr. Rand Spencer MD and Sherry Dickenhorst, the heiress to cotton farms in Louisiana. No fool be he! 

Spencer went on to the University of Virginia studying English Literature and Music where he received High Distinctions. Does this sound like a manly type of Nazi He-Man? Continue reading “Charlottesville Staged Confrontation!”

Fissures In The Great Wall & The Illusion Of Ordinary Life

V. Susan Ferguson – In modern times we have all accepted a reality based solely on and limited to the five senses. During the past 6,000 years, the period known as the Kali Yuga, our innate abilities to perceive the Invisible Realms have atrophied to the point that most humans are incapable ofillusion even a remote awareness of, much less the Joy of interacting with, that which we cannot see, hear, touch, etc.

It is therefore understandable why most simply deny the very existence of such realities. They are not capable of perceiving them. The result of this disastrous defect of our comprehension has produced the ludicrous concept of ordinary life or real life that, in its absolute denial of anything beyond the five senses, engulfs us all in total delusion, or ‘moha’ in Sanskrit.

Tragically, anything that is perceived beyond the accepted norm is regarded as weird, strange & bizarre, and is consequently relegated to a sort of carnival-freak-show, yellow-journalism state of mind, which derides believers for indulging in childish entertainment and titillation.

Such a deluded error is not only adolescent in its comprehension, but is also the densest of illusion because it ignores the underlying metaphysics that are the actual source of the external holographic matrix, which therefore we in our limited state of consciousness mistake for reality. Continue reading “Fissures In The Great Wall & The Illusion Of Ordinary Life”