How Athletes Prepare for their Big Games

Get in the ZoneIn some sports, each game is worth the same. An equal number of points, or just another win to add to the tally. In others, especially where there is a playoff or knockout tournament, certain games can be make or break.

These big games can place a lot of pressure on the athletes, who must find a way to ensure they are mentally prepared so that they can perform at their best.

These techniques can be applied to other areas of life too, such as a big test, an important meeting, or an interview for a new job. Here are some lessons you can learn from athletes. Continue reading “How Athletes Prepare for their Big Games”

Interesting Facts About Tiny Homes

The tiny homes trend has been an evolving global phenomenon for some time, and it finally seems to be going mainstream. There are now tiny homes found around the world; the underlying philosophy is universal.

Here are 5 things that everyone needs to know about tiny homes.

They’re Taking Airbnb By Storm

Airbnb is radically changing the way that we think about our accommodation. There are many properties that have existed as hidden gems but have now been blown into the limelight by exposure through Airbnb. Tiny homes are the kind of properties that will stand out on a platform like Airbnb and will, therefore, garner a disproportionate amount of the interest. Continue reading “Interesting Facts About Tiny Homes”

Ways to Handle Someone Else’s Road Rage

Rage-filled, aggressive driving has been a problem on the roads for a long time. Unnecessary horn honking, hand gestures and screaming plagues the roadways. And sometimes road rage can take an even uglier turn and violence can occur.

Road rage is a danger to everyone involved, and having someone show aggression toward you when you’re on the road can be frightening and maddening all at the same time. Fortunately, there are ways you can stay safe avoid losing your head when someone else targets you with road rage. Continue reading “Ways to Handle Someone Else’s Road Rage”

How to Determine if You’re Claircognizant

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Claircognizance isn’t as widely known as other types of psychic powers (such as clairvoyance or clairaudience), however many people are realizing that they might have claircognizant powers (or at the very least be able to develop them). If you’ve ever gotten the feeling that you “know” something to be true, you might be claircognizant.

Examples of claircognizance could include knowing the location of a missing item (e.g. car keys), knowing what a client/coworker is about to say (before they say it), or literally anything involving knowing something before it happens. If you’re thinking that this sounds a lot like clairvoyance, you would be correct. The two are obviously related, however they’re also unique to one another. Continue reading “How to Determine if You’re Claircognizant”

What Is the Mind Body Connection and How It Affects Your Health

Mind Body Connection Are you trying to figure out your mind body connection? Read this article to understand what the mind body connection is and how it affects your health.

Stress, sadness, anxiety—these are universal emotions that everyone experiences sooner or later. You may have even noticed the mind body connection when one of these intense emotions popped up.

For example, stress from work could keep you up at night as you’re worrying about a particular account or invoice. That, in turn, can lead to exhaustion, leaving your body run down. Continue reading “What Is the Mind Body Connection and How It Affects Your Health”