Does this submarine make tsunamis? [Video]

Alexandra Bruce – This video explores the conspiracy theory advanced by authors Trowbridge Ford and Jim Dean, that the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami that killed 280,000 people was not a natural disaster but a little-known casualty of the “7 countries in 5 years” plan revealed by General Wesley Clark.

Their theory claims that a secret seismic weapon onboard America’s second-biggest – and quietest – submarine, the USS Jimmy Carter was used to cause the Indian Ocean Tsunami with the intention of making Indonesia dependent on Western aid. This would give the US an opportunity to establish more overseas bases in the Pacific region like those on Diego Garcia and Guam, with the ultimate goal of establishing a New World Order. Continue reading “Does this submarine make tsunamis? [Video]”

Australia’s pedo cover-up is widening after another high ranking Catholic official is found guilty

sexual abuseLeo Zagami – While all eyes are on Cardinal George Pell, who in June of last year became the highest-ranking Vatican official to face criminal charges involving accusations of sexual offenses, yet another Archbishop was found guilty of covering up the sexual abuse scandal in Australia’s Catholic clergy.

67-year-old Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Edward Wilson, failed to report allegations of child sexual abuse inflicted on altar boys back in 1976 by a pedophile priest named Father Jim Fletcher, who died in jail in 2006.

The extensive cover-up of pedophilia exercised by the most senior members of the Catholic Church, not only in Australia, but all over the world, pushed the Catholic Bishops of Chile to resign last Friday. Let’s remember that a government inquiry  found that in Australia 7% of Catholic priests working in this country between 1950 and 2010 have been accused of Child sexual abuse. It’s outrageous how these resilient individuals are not resigning or even attempting an act of forgiveness  as the Chilean’s did. Continue reading “Australia’s pedo cover-up is widening after another high ranking Catholic official is found guilty”

The Latest Whopper – The FBI Was Actually Trying to ‘Protect Trump’

Oh, what a tangled web we weave… when first we practice to deceive.”

Brian C Joondeph, MD, MPS – This quote is attributed to Sir Walter Scott, a Scottish historian and novelist. Too bad he wasn’t available for a sermon at the royal wedding this past weekend, rather than social justice preacher Bishop Michael Curry. The House of Windsor certainly wove a tangled web over the decades.

The Deep State has been weaving its own tangled web of Russian collusion for the past two years beginning with Russia supposedly hacking the 2016 election, creating the electoral outcome they desired. It has since morphed into Trump colluding with the Russians, despite zero proof on the one-year anniversary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s free-for-all investigation by his merry band of partisan Democrats.

It’s now to the point that Mueller’s team is investigating anyone in Trump’s circle who ever ate a bowl of borscht or drank a sip of Russian vodka. At a time when this couldn’t get any more ridiculous, look no further than the Washington Post for a version of “can you top this?”

trump campaignA few days ago, the WaPo published an opinion piece entitled, “The FBI didn’t use an informant to go after Trump. They used one to protect him.”

Sure, they did. I can’t wait to read from the WaPo how Iran wants nukes to “protect” Israel or that that sanctuary cities are for the “protection” of legal, law-abiding residents of those cities.

The Trump piece was written by Asha Rangappa, a former FBI agent and Yale graduate. That’s two strikes against her already. The Clintons are Yale graduates and James Comey is a former FBI agent. I rest my case. Continue reading “The Latest Whopper – The FBI Was Actually Trying to ‘Protect Trump’”

The Day the Time Stopped

planet earthSteve Rother – I am the Keeper of Time here on this day to intersect your timeline for just a few moments. Take a breath to realize where you are. Your time frame of planet Earth has sped up and now you’re in entirely a new dimension of time. You’ve stepped out of circular time into spiral time.

Many of you are having a challenge adjusting as it is evident in many of the structures of planet Earth, such as in businesses and governments. We are all in this major stretch right now adjusting to this new frame of time as part of your fifth dimensional reality. Oh, yes. We told you some years ago that you’ve stepped into the fifth dimension, but this is such a major change.

It takes years for you to adjust, for you to alter yourself in a way and now you are here at a very unique time of planet Earth itself. You are here to assist in the changes that are taking place.

Play Well Together

There are many changes taking place with the physical body. As we’ve mentioned, you will be losing density over time, carrying more light, and moving into your bio-luminescence in a whole different way. But today I’d like to take you back to about 20 years ago when we started this work with the Keeper. We decided to have a sign off or tagline, whatever you wish to call it. We always say three really simple reminders: to treat each other with respect, to nurture one another, and to play well together.

Continue reading “The Day the Time Stopped”

Update On “That’s A Lie” Program

Sherry Swiney – This article is an update on the popular “That’s A Lie” program that I hope will help us all tremendously.

I recently did an interview with James Bartley  on the Cosmic Switchboard called “Dark Voices from Dark Entities”


In that interview, I talked about where we get the fundamental programs that run our lives without us knowing it. Of course, the dark side entities that plague so many people know all about how this works and they sure don’t want us to know how this works.

So, in this article I want to include that crucial point since it is not covered in the original “That’s A Lie” article. We all need to know where we get our fundamental programs and how to delete the ones that play havoc with us. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the unconscious programs we received from others when we were too young to understand what was going on. These are programs that essentially run our every day lives. Continue reading “Update On “That’s A Lie” Program”

Judge Sends Amish Man To Prison For Refusing Big Pharma Medicine

Sean Adl-Tabatabai – A judge has sentenced an Amish farmer to six years in prison for refusing to sell Big Pharma medicine to the Amish community.

Samuel Girod

U.S. District Judge Danny Reeves handed down the unprecedented sentence against Samuel Girod on Friday, justifying his harsh sentence by claiming that Girod was selling a herbal salve that hadn’t been approved by the FDA. reports: Outraged supporters of the rural Kentucky farmer pledged to seek a pardon from President Donald Trump.

Girod, 57, had been making and selling Chickweed Salve for years from his farm in Bath County, a half hour drive east of Lexington. The Food and Drug Administration labeled Girod’s salve a drug, which brought it under federal regulation.

Prosecutors accused Girod of manufacturing the herbal salve in an establishment that was not registered with the FDA, and packaged in a container that “failed to bear labeling containing adequate directions for use.” Continue reading “Judge Sends Amish Man To Prison For Refusing Big Pharma Medicine”