UN Whistleblower: United Nations, Oxfam & Clinton Foundation Traffic Kids For Sex

Dr. Andrew Macleod

John White – A courageous whistleblower has gone on the record claiming that the United Nations, Oxfam, and The Clinton Foundation all traffic children and sell them for sex.

According to former UN Chief Dr Andrew Macleod, major international aid agencies are responsible for the sex trafficking of children in many of the countries they operate in.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the former UN Chief provides graphic detail to prove that charities around the world, including the Clinton Foundation, are staffed by a disproportionately high number of pedophiles and are guilty of sex trafficking.

He claims that the UK’s National Criminal Intelligence Service warned the charities 20 years ago that organised pedophilia was becoming rife the developing world. The National Criminal Intelligence Service said that pedophiles were working for international charities in order to gain access to children. The nature of the industry (supposedly providing humanitarian assistance) also provided the pedophiles with cover.

But according to MacLeod, these warnings were ignored, perhaps because by then it was already too late… Continue reading “UN Whistleblower: United Nations, Oxfam & Clinton Foundation Traffic Kids For Sex”

Mueller’s Investigation A Farce: Files Joke Indictment Against Russian Trolls

clintonElizabeth Lea Vos – If one needed proof that Mueller’s investigation was an utter farce, they were in for a treat this morning when the Deputy Attorney General announced the indictment of indicted 13 “Russian trolls,” for allegedly interfering in the 2016 Presidential election by posting on social media accounts.

Laying Mueller’s disregard of the First Amendment aside, the indictment is blatantly hypocritical in light of active social media intervention by pro-Clinton David Brock and his multi-million dollar efforts to ‘Correct The Record.’ Julian Assange tweeted on the matter:

The indictment alleges that: “Beginning in or around June 2014, the organization obscured its conduct by operating through a number of Russian entities, including Internet Research LLC, MediaSintez LLC, GlavSet LLC, MixInfo LLC, Azimut LLC, and NovInfo LLC.” Continue reading “Mueller’s Investigation A Farce: Files Joke Indictment Against Russian Trolls”

Tips For A Healthier & Happier Life

happier lifeWhen it comes to their lifestyle, there are two categories of people; those who eat healthily and work out on a daily basis and those who don’t want to give up their “fast food habits” anytime soon. Often, some people who don’t eat healthily claim that this kind of lifestyle is not accessible to everyone. Eating healthy can be tasty, simple and accessible if you keep a few tips in mind. Moreover, a lot more people need to realize that eating healthy has a variety of positive impacts on their mind and body. The saying “healthy mind, healthy body” works great in this case.

Some of the main advantages of eating “good food” include the ability to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and other diseases that no one would ever want in their life. The good news is, eating right can be accomplished in a quite simple manner. You don’t necessarily need to give up dishes you love. It’s all about making smart choices and building a healthy diet. Continue reading “Tips For A Healthier & Happier Life”

Bio-Spiritual Harvesting

Body Parts Lisa Renee – As we pull back the curtain we are examining a few ways that the NAA hide the practice of soul and energy harvesting in plain sight.  The manipulation of collective consciousness and the cost to the human soul when abandoning the natural laws, so that many human beings cannot even recognize when they are being violated.  We look into the practice of organ transplantation as an example, both the black market harvesting of organs and the practice of blending soul blueprints enmeshed in tissue, when body parts are traded.

We look at how the physical body and the soul-spirit body are connected, and how living in alignment to natural law supports health and consciousness expansion. When this knowledge is suppressed the anti-life agenda can take hold more easily.  We will take a look into the suppression of the astrological sciences with special attention placed on medical astrology, the influence of planets and constellations on our health, and the physiological correlations to the Galactic Zodiac. Continue reading “Bio-Spiritual Harvesting”

A Native Smoke Ritual For Renewal And Clarity

smokeNick Polizzi – Have you ever noticed that when you walk into any place of worship or sacred ceremony, there is always one repeating theme? Yes, the symbols and prayers spoken may be different, but one thing is universally present – the use of smoke.

Beyond its pleasing aromatic qualities, smoke is viewed in many traditions to be a bridge between the world we can see and the one we cannot. Not surprisingly, smoke plays a crucial role in shamanism, and often serves as a healing medicine itself in native ceremonies.

As we take on this new year, the burning of sacred herbs and resins can be a very powerful tool. A way of starting anew.

Below, I’ve shared some holy smokes you can easily create and a native prayer to accompany them. We’re excited to hear how you feel once you try them! Continue reading “A Native Smoke Ritual For Renewal And Clarity”