GE Fraud Bigger Than Enron

fraudStephen Lendman – Enron Online became the first Internet-based commodities transaction system. 

It rescinded regulations in place since 1922. Derivative scams went wild. 

Enron fleeced investors and energy purchasers with impunity until its house of cards collapsed. 

Then-Fed chairman/maestro of misery Alan Greenspan endorsed derivatives — falsely calling them a way to share risks, ignoring unprecedented speculation with these instruments. 

They turned the 2008-early 2009 economic downturn into a Great Depression for most households, exacerbated by neoliberal harshness.

Economic hard times continue for most US households. Maybe another sharp leg down is coming — turning America more into a nation of paupers than already, while privileged interests get richer at their expense.  Continue reading “GE Fraud Bigger Than Enron”

Piers Morgan Describes the Utterly Humorless, Unbearable and Fascist Liberal Left [Video]

liberal leftJim Hoft – This was an incredible video by British broadcaster, journalist, writer and television personality, Piers Morgan.

Piers recently sat down for an interview with Ben Shapiro.  During their discussion the topic of the modern day left came up.  Piers absolutely nailed it.

Piers Morgan: Populism is rising because liberals have become unbearable, Okay? And I speak as a liberal… Liberals have become utterly, pathetically illiberal and it’s a massive problem. What’s the point of calling yourself a liberal if you don’t allow anyone else to have a different view? You know, this snowflake culture we operate in, this victimhood culture that everyone, has to think in a certain way, behave a certain way.

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Social advertising channels 2019: current conditions and forecasts

Social advertising channelsReports show that while ad expenses (in comparison with last year) have grown by 107% for Pinterest and 44% for Instagram, CTR (Click Thru Rate) has decreased more than a third.

This suggests that marketers interesting in placing ads on social media channels should reconsider how best to succeed in 2019.

Social media advertising offers a sea of opportunities and marketers spend time researching them through various marketing campaigns. Their main goal is to find platforms that are less time-consuming and provide effective ads click-rate returns..

We studied a report by Kenshooo to locate the most important conclusions everyone should know. Continue reading “Social advertising channels 2019: current conditions and forecasts”

Are you actually motivated to beat the addiction?

addictionAccording to healthcare professionals in addiction recovery, the healing journey cannot start if substance abuser doesn’t want it. Motivation is the first step and also an essential part of recovery. Furthermore, it is crucial at the beginning but also has to be present during the whole process of quitting alcohol or drugs. How to find the stimulation to start and keep the willpower alive throughout the difficult time is what people in the free rehab centers underline as one of, if not the most important question.

In order to fully comprehend its importance and how to choose the right way to motivate yourself or others to stop drinking alcohol or taking drugs, some knowledge should be gathered first. The word “addiction” (from the Latin addicere) has been used since the 15th century to describe the state of high devotion to something that can eventually lead to compulsive behavior.

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Healthy Eating Habits For Busy Lives

Image – Pxhere

It’s no lie it seems we’re constantly on the go. We’re up early, drink coffee, maybe eat breakfast, and then off to the office to work 12-16 hours a day, return home, eat something quick, sleep and get up the next day to do it all over again.

Does this sound like your day? Yeah, it sounds like mine too.

With all of this going on, how are we able to eat healthily? The answer- we aren’t. We eat what is quick and convenient. Which means coffee and cereal that is loaded with sugar; prepared foods that are sodium laced; and fast food that just horrible for us. And we eat way too much of this. Continue reading “Healthy Eating Habits For Busy Lives”