Forget ‘Michelle for President’

Eric Georgatos – Our betters in the MSM, and related ruling-class mouthpieces, have set the narrative:  the lackluster, too-crazy pack of Democrat presidential candidates, even with a few token billionaires, will ultimately give way to the entry of Michelle Obama into the race.  The former First Lady, author of an apparently best-selling memoir, will inject palpable blue energy throughout the nation, return black America to a 95+% Democrat voting bloc, consolidate the Obama voting coalitions that won two presidential elections, and the evil interloper Trump will be sent packing.

Don’t buy this narrative.

In a country of 320+ million people, there is always a sizable segment who will not be willing or able to discern or question anything beyond what they are told by the MSM, and will follow the narrative.  That segment is actually becoming smaller every year; the reality of fake news has diluted the MSM’s influence to a far greater degree than they understand.  But that’s not why I’m not buying the narrative. Continue reading “Forget ‘Michelle for President’”

Dem Impeachment Disaster Continues, IG Report Drops Bombs, Banks Buying Gold [Video]

impeachmentGreg Hunter – The Democrat impeachment in the House of Representatives continued in the Judiciary Committee, and it continued to be a disaster for Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats. The total takedown of the Democrat case against President Trump was destroyed in little more than five minutes by Congressman Matt Gaetz.

The hearings are not proving President Trump’s guilt, but his innocence. Of course, the mainstream media is reporting Trump is guilty, and that is a lie according to the evidence. Democrats are taking it on the chin in almost all the polls. Will Pelosi proceed with impeachment? Does she have the votes?

Will the Senate trial destroy the Democrats even more? The only fact you can count on right now is the impeachment has been a disaster for Democrats, and saving face with voters may be difficult if not impossible. Pelosi says the Dems will impeach President Trump. We will see if the lies will work.

Continue reading “Dem Impeachment Disaster Continues, IG Report Drops Bombs, Banks Buying Gold [Video]”

Multiple Incarnations In A Single Lifetime: Your 5D Existence

livesAlexander from Indigo Light – As we close each phase of our awakening, there is always a reevaluation point that precedes the next. This serves us to see if we are truly willing to fully implement the lessons learned, and apply them to our conscious creation of life, akin to an exam before graduation.

This goes on, bit by bit, throughout our lives on this planet, as we discover the value of lessons learned, and the underlying reason why we are here, experiencing all of this: our Soul Purpose. The Supreme Design has always been to incarnate physically to strive to fulfill this very personal journey. Many were able to achieve this, many were not. Once we had completed this to the best of our ability, our Souls would choose to consciously leave the body, through old age, illness, and so on. Continue reading “Multiple Incarnations In A Single Lifetime: Your 5D Existence”

Easter Island Mysteries Are Not Completely Solved, The Statues Are Just The Start [Video]

Easter IslandZohar StarGate TV –  The massive Maoi statues of Easter Island have beguiled explorers, archaeologists and the wider world for centuries.

Scholars haven’t still found anything to explain the purpose and the meaning of the Moai statues. But the huge figures are not the only mystery of Easter island. Continue reading “Easter Island Mysteries Are Not Completely Solved, The Statues Are Just The Start [Video]”

Agenda 2030 Is the NWO [Video]

rosa koireAlexandra Bruce – For over a decade, Rosa Koire has been doing amazing work, educating people about UN Agenda 21 (aka 2030).

In the past year, with the histrionics of Greta Thunberg, AOC and the Green New Deal, the world needs to understand that this climate alarmism not just an elaborate kickback and carbon derivatives financial scheme, it represents a totalitarian takeover of our national sovereignty and of our individual rights.

Koire joins Danish YouTuber, Lucas Alexander of Age of Truth TV, who asks her to describe Agenda 21, to which she responds:

“It is the action plan to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, law enforcement and judicial systems; all information, all food and all human beings on the planet. Continue reading “Agenda 2030 Is the NWO [Video]”