Victims Speak Out: Catastrophic Paradise Fire Was Naked Arson Attack [Video]

This is mass murder.  Listen to the first part in the video series by YouTube Channel: APlaneTruth.Info.

Hear for yourself what is really going on.

♦  Are we getting torched?
♦ Is this highly organized arson to carry out a sinister agenda?
♦ Does it have anything to do with Agenda 21? Depopulation?

As terrible as it sounds, we must ask these questions.

♦ Why would they refuse air attack help which would have cleared escape routes and saved lives?!

♦ Why did no one get warned?

♦ Why were people never told of the danger and left to die in their beds?

♦ How many people really died?

♦ Why were they heavily aerosol spraying days before the fire?

♦ Why are they not talking about surrounding areas which were also affected, it wasn’t JUST Paradise!

SF Source SOTN Dec 2018

2 thoughts on “Victims Speak Out: Catastrophic Paradise Fire Was Naked Arson Attack [Video]

  1. Cannot watch this video; when trying to download it my computer said “this video contains a virus and was deleted”

    1. These are topics that are censored by the Controllers. The video is on the YouTube site. YT does NOT allow videos with VIRUSES to be uploaded to their site. Thanks for letting me know the latest PLOY to prevent folks from watching info they don’t want you to see. -g

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