Parallel Realities

Parallel Maureen Moss – As always, I pray you are well as we jettison forward in this year of 2016…a year of breakdowns, breakthroughs and alchemy as we continue to shift reality systems and integrate, assimilate, align and adapt to the new beings we are becoming.

It’s quite miraculous to be cultivating a relationship with the re-incarnation of ourselves (while in the same physical body) and often, to bear witness to many as they dust off the ashes on their very own wings and Rise…Phoenix’s many have discovered themselves to be.

This is not to say we are out of global chaos nor removed from further personal reconstruction…for we are not.

Every component of life and way of life will be changed throughout this year and next providing further opportunities for the new heart based reality and consciousness of the 5th dimensional human to be anchored in as the dominant one on Planet Earth…as the next three years progress.

Parallel Realities…Global and Personal

Now and throughout this span of time many parallel realities (both in our minds and in our world) will vie for our attention as we witness the flow of all consciousness radiating concurrently and in all directions…challenging each of us to align with our Mastery in the face of all potentials.

On a global level…obvious separation, fear and even hate (deep unexplored pain) are playing out simultaneously with the birth of a new parallel human reality and the expression, expansion and revelations of true Love.

Far beyond the conversations about potentials of economic, environmental, geo-political, social structures and more shifting dramatically or collapsing completely…we find ourselves in the midst of aggressive exposures and breakdowns of false facades born of a paradigm riddled in duality and separation…and witnessing heinous acts of terrorism and fear mongering demagogues.

While some may believe they have risen above aspects of that particular reality or prefer not to have their attention diverted by what they believe does not phase them…let us not forget that whatever reality we are aligned with…still, we are One humanity that came to this Earth…not to engage in drama…though to change the trajectory of the human experience through the actions of Love and creative activism.

“It really boils down to this, all life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” —Martin Luther King, Jr.

Personally, as we continue our sacred adventure into new realities we find we are subject to simultaneous cycles of integration and disintegration, of adaptation and agitation, of Oneness and loneliness…all that of which accompanies the miracles and majesty of this new stage of physical ascension…and it shall continue until we reset and orientate ourselves to this new…often raw heart centered parallel reality.

Offer your heart the kindness of staying away from the swirling narratives of the mind and others definitions of your experience. You are right where you need to be…connected in all ways to the embodied Intelligence that courses through you, beckoning you to be at peace with all.

Offer yourself the peace of remaining in a state of everpresentness as parallel realities within you vie for your attention…yet reveal themselves at one time. Bless each. Run from none. Notice to which you are aligned. Bow to all. Let what needs to move on do so in a state of quietude, reverence and Love. Bless what remains.

As we move through this year and next, many will come to the awareness they are no longer divided nor conflicted by linear time of past, present or future…though at rest in the unified state of everpresentness…all things present.

Eventually even the conversation of parallel realities will come to pass as we engage with the aligned experience of being ‘one and all and here and there,’ simultaneously.

Down many winding paths that embraces both the miracles and confusions of the human experience… Life leads us to Mastery.

And so it is that in this year of 2016 we become adepts at cultivating and strengthening our relationship to the new humans we are becoming and with the New Reality we are creating by aligning with what strengthens our positions as Creators, Stewards and Citizens of a new parallel reality… not only to a greater version of ourselves… but as contributors and creative collaborators on behalf of Life, Equanimity and Freedom for all.

Maureen Moss, © 2016

SF Source Dec 2015

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