Parler CEO John Matze Discusses Deplatforming and Big Tech Moves To Control Free Speech [Video]

Parler CEO

Sundance – The CEO of Parler, John Matze, appears on Fox News to discuss the targeting of the social media platform and the removal of their website from Amazon servers.

Obviously the issue of targeted deplatforming is one close to the current community of CTH 2.0 users and administrators after we suffered a similar targeting from WordPress/Automattic.  However, there is something about the Parler construct that is puzzling.

Outwardly, Parler launched as an alternative to Twitter for conservative and liberty-minded voices concerned about having a space for free speech.  With that in mind why would Parler start by using Amazon host services for their platform?

While it is not OK for Parler to be removed under any circumstances, John Matze primary responsibility was stewardship toward the Parler user community.  Responsible stewardship would not include going to the ideological Big Tech enemy, Amazon, for the primary provider tools for the platform.

Additionally, it appears the vendor tech community that supported the Parler platform simultaneously announced they too would drop Parler as a customer, following the announcement by Amazon.  Parler was apparently caught off-guard.

SF Source Conservative Tree House Jan 2021

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