Passage Through The Gateway Of Unity

gatewayNicole Frolick – The month of October is bringing an intense energy of transformation into our awareness now that Pluto has gone direct and we are about to enter Scorpio season. Both Pluto and Scorpio energy are heavily transformative which is a process of death and rebirth.

As more of the collective awaken to this awareness that a part of them is dying or is being asked to be let go of so that something new can take it’s place or be birthed, we always come back to the idea of Unity.

In order for us to remember who we are, we must let go of everything we are not. This happens through a very transformative healing process of reclaiming all of the fractal parts of us to be healed and reunited back into One.

The Gateway of Unity is a rite of passage we will all pass through when the heart is opened enough for courage to trump fear and walk the path of self-transformation. And because of its spiritual nature, this process will transform our heart, mind and body.

How do we recognize when the gateway is being held open for us?

How do we know when we are ready to step through?

And how do we recognize when we are holding the gate open for another?

SF Source In5D Oct 2019

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