WIFLI  September 29 – October 5 2013

As you no doubt have realized perceptions of reality can differ profoundly. Two friends might be sitting on a porch looking at the same tree. One sees a falcon sitting on a branch. The other looks and never sees the falcon until it flies out of the tree. For the first the falcon existed as it sat on a branch in the tree. For the second the falcon didn’t exist until it flew out of the tree. For both, the ground of reality – the tree and branch — exist as agreed-upon objects within a shared environment. However, only one had the clear enough vision to see the falcon hidden within the leaves.

Group Mind

Individuals group themselves into communities of ideas that form a basis for perceiving “right” and “wrong.”  For example, you will be hard-pressed to find Western-enculterated individuals who haven’t assimilated the belief that World War II was an Allied victory of principle and right-action over a tyranny embracing ethnic purity, eugenics, and fascist dictatorship. Over time certain events occurred that caused free-thinking individuals to question this storyline. These engaged in personal research and before too long discovered that WWII could just as easily have been a Hegelian exercise run by shysters interested solely in war profiteering and global expansion.

Group Mind Is Controlled

The group mind formed through associations of nationality, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic standing and religion is maintained via agreements held among individuals. Group perception is “reality” and life is best lived according to social dictates. This herding tendency doesn’t really become a problem until the very malleable aspects of group think become exploited by a controller class, one powerful enough to manipulate events at societal and environmental levels. Whether it is a federal budget crisis, war in the Middle East, ObamaCare, ISON, NSA,  Agenda 21,  climate change (sans chemtrails), GMOs, lethal weaponry – it is a battle to control perception of events, to control “hearts and minds.”

Shifting Times

Vibratory rates quicken globally. Individuals are finding it easier to ditch “group mind” think, and start pondering conditions for themselves. This is especially so when individual circumstances become impacted by false scarcity models imposed through financial tyranny.

Expect more mainstream “group think” defections as individuals awaken from mass psychosis and shift increasingly toward more inward contemplation of events.

It is the individual who holds the key to power. It is each phone call, email, letter, in-person visit, and personal effort that, added together, becomes powerful enough to reject a controller-class system lacking in compassionate regard for each being within the whole.

© 2013 Gillian Grannum

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