Plan Your Wedding So It Lasts

Kevin Bennett – The Huffington Post points out that an average divorce, before extraneous costs are factored in, can cost anywhere from $10 to $20k. Certainly this doesn’t factor in long-term alimony or anything of that nature. While cheaper than the cost of some weddings initially, you want things to go right so you’re not on the hook for such a loss as divorce entails. You do not want to have to sell a mortgage note to afford to get out of a bad marriage!

marriageImagine if there’s property tied up in a huge divorce case. As important as planning the wedding is planning the engagement! You want to get married to the right person; but at the same time, you need to get into marriage with the right mindset. Your attitude has to be aligned with reality, not the shenanigans you watch on the TV.

In reality, nobody’s perfect. In reality, “happily ever after” is a lot closer to propaganda than it is to truth. Because, make no mistake, reality’s fully of hardship. Yet if it weren’t for the hardships, you couldn’t appreciate the beauty; and with each test comes the benefit of the test, which is new strength and knowledge.

One of the greatest tests of your life will be who you choose to wed. If you want to get the full benefit of a marriage, you want to stick with that person perpetually. A breakup could literally tear your life apart. Ruin it, perhaps not; perhaps nothing can ruin our lives, are they not part of one endless tapestry? But tear it apart, make it difficult, and painful—certainly.

Health Benefits Of A Good Marriage

marriageNow here’s the other side of that coin. According to WebMD, a good marriage is good for your health, while a bad one isn’t. Well the latter fact is obvious. You get into a bad marriage full of abuse and infidelity, the liquor will pour and the domestic kerfuffles will fly. But in a good marriage, a loving marriage, a thoughtful and developing marriage, both partners flourish.

Don’t get the wrong idea, spouses still butt heads. But in a healthy marriage they become stronger, wiser people with better character for it; who love each other more deeply and profoundly than they did in their youthful days, when all they knew were emotions and what life felt like under such intoxicating influence.

Your wedding important, you want the right spouse to share it with. But additionally, the ceremony itself is going to be another life-altering complication.

Facilitating A Peaceful Frame Of Mind Through Preparation

In order to get your wedding right, you want to plan as far in advance as it’s feasible to. Get the catering, venue, officiant, DJ (or band), videographer, photographer, flowers, and bridesmaids’ dresses taken care of far in advance. Don’t forget to get your own dress figured out! You want your mind in the easiest place possible. Then you can enjoy everything, with the right source.

When you’re looking for dresses, you might get a custom dress by Azazie. The makers themselves offer a couple tips to help you make the right choice, including the advice: “Take a couple of photos and see if you like how they look on camera.” If you’ve ever done any work on film, you know that what you see, and what the world sees, are different.

Get things right at your wedding beforehand by being proactive. What else are you going to do, watch the internet? Play a game? Read a book? Your wedding is a life-changing day for you, your spouse, your families, and your community. It may even be that which brings new life to the world in the form of children. So do it right.

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