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plasmasJoseph P Farrell – Yea, I’m one of those who thinks mind manipulation techniques and technologies are very real. The techniques part of that equation I suspect most people are agreed with. After all, advertising is a form of mind manipulation, and if the history of Madison Avenue is any indicator, it’s been wildly successful. The more difficult proposition for most folks, however, is the mind manipulation technology aspect of things; no one wants to think they could be manipulated by a machine, or rather, by another human being at the other end of a machine.

But as I outlined in my book Microcosm and Medium, mind manipulation technologies are very real, and have been around for at least five decades; the patent record and trail on this point is very clear, and includes several patents all clustered around one basic concept: that of beaming electromagnetic energy – usually in the radio-microwave end of the spectrum – directly into the brain, and then modulating information into the carrier wave, from actual speech which is “heard” inside the brain of the victim (the classic “voices in the head” mind manipulation tech), to establishing a beat frequency in the brain of the target, inducing sleep or tiredness, or the converse, great energy, or otherwise activating various endocrine systems in the target, or, in the most bizarre example, reading the brainwaves of the target and “decoding” the interior conversation of the target by means of what I’ve called “electro-encephalographic dictionaries.”

If you don’t believe such things can exist, then all I can say is, read the book for yourself; that research actually started in the 1970s and compiled a “dictionary” of 2,000 words and their associated brainwave patterns. Just how many words and how sophisticated those dictionaries have become since is anyone’s guess.

(And, here’s a free tangential high octane speculation: what if similar secret research has been undertaken with respect to animals? It is well known that some higher beasts – dogs, dolphins, gorillas and so on – are able to understand hundreds of individual words.  Might their whines, barks, grunts, chatter and so on, be associated to actual types of “electro-encephalographic animal words” of some sort? Don’t think that this is far-fetched either, for a cursory search on things like “animal communication” and “dolphins” and “US Navy” will indicate otherwise.)

All this brings me to today’s article(s), shared by F.L.M.:

When the voices in your head are giving orders: Pentagon scientists say “talking laser” that beams messages directly into your head coming soon

Pentagon scientists are making talking plasma laser balls for use as non-lethal weapons

Now, in case you missed it, a “plasma ball” whose electrons have been stripped by a laser is a nice fancy way of saying that the Pentagon is tinkering with ball lightning, an odd fact in and of itself, for it reminds me once again of some of the bizarre research allegedly being conducted by Nazi Germany almost eight decades ago into the creation of ball lightning and an investigation of its properties, a project associated with the Nazi Bell project and called the Charite-Anlage project, made even the more curious because the name Charite-Anlage was that of a hospital in Berlin!

It’s that little factoid that makes me wonder: after all, if Nazis are investigating ball lightning, it’s probably not for the purpose of just making it “talk” to people, and I wonder if indeed that’s all the Pentagon is up to. Again, if the technology already exists to put voices into people’s heads (as I think it does) then why go to the extra “complexification” of creating ball lighting that talks by using lasers?

Well, I don’t know about you, but two things come to mind: (1) David Bohm, the plasma physicist who suddenly “quit” because he began to think plasmas had some form of intelligent consciousness. So perhaps someone at the Diabolically Apocalyptic Research Projects Agency (our nickname here, thanks to J.B. who suggested it, for DARPA) thought it would be a really nifty joke if we could figure out how to make plasmas talk; you know, “angel-of-light” sort of thing.

Combine that with an atmospheric holographic projection capability (courtesy of some really complicated phase conjugation) and voila: holographic 3d “talkies” that one could use for almost anything, like pretending to be on balconies talking to lots of people, or staging a real-time War of the Worlds Orson Welles style, or other nefarious purposes…

Number (2) is a bit more complicated, so hang on. Imagine injecting someone – unbeknownst to them – with lots of nanodust (some heavy metals will do) that one has salted into, oh, say, a vaccine. This will increase the electrical conductivity of the recipient, and hence make them a more efficient receiver for that voices-in-the-head technology or any other sort of electrical current, which could be stimulated by a setting up a field around a person like a plasma.

Depending on the size of the plasma, one might be able to set up a current affecting a whole area, no thunderstorms or wet ground needed, and then, as the articles indicate, pulse that regain, and voila, instant reindeer or elefant deaths…

…  and with that, I think you take my point.

See you on the flip side…

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