Portland Restaurant Owner Will Vote Trump

ANTIFAThe Patriot Source – A restaurant owner in Portland said that leftists shooting at his cafe on Sunday had “solidified” his Trump vote and that the United States needs “some real strong leadership” in the wake of riots initiated by Democrat voters and Antifa activists.

John Jackson, the owner of the Heroes American Café, spoke to the Oregonian about how his business partner received a phone call from activists who threatened their café. The far-left activists on the phone said that they would target their business for being “pro-police” and that they should expect “something” to happen.

And then, soon enough, something did happen on Sunday night. An employee of the café called Jackson to say that their cafes had been attacked, and upon Jackson’s arrival with his wife, they found two of the front windows of the café shot at and a third window smashed.

Jackson said it “looked like a planned thing because they called us on Thursday and threatened us.”

Photographs of the damaged café were released, showing the interiors littered with broken glass.

It is perhaps not surprising to anybody familiar with Antifa that the Heroes American Café was targeted, given that the entire ethos of the restaurant is supporting firefighters, veterans, police officers, and others in similar roles that protect the community. On the restaurant’s website, owners proudly state that a portion of profits from the restaurants is donated to support local heroes.

John Jackson, who is an African American, is a veteran of the United States Army and Marine Corps. He told Fox News how when he first came to Portland ten years ago, it was “one of the most accepting cities” he knew.

Today, less so.

The attack on his restaurant occurred on the same night that Democrat-supporting Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists pulled down statues of Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

SF Source The Patriot Source Oct 2020

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