Positivity and Negativity – the Unknown Link Between a Healthy Mind and Body

meditatePositivity and negativity are two aspects of your thought processes that can affect overall wellness and health. Scientists and research conducted by renowned health organizations like the Mayo Clinic accept that thinking good thoughts can lower stress levels and build mental strength and fortitude to overcome the worst situations in your life.

On the other hand, self-demeaning thoughts can take away happiness and make it hard to be appreciative of the wonderful things happening to you.

Positivity and Negativity – Identifying Your Thoughts

Positivity is all about the trains of thoughts that run through your mind. Each time you’re faced with situations, view them in a good way and analyze them in a controlled and analytic method. You’ll see the advantages of why the situation is happening and how the outcomes will bring more good things. Accept the bad stuff as a challenge to tackle as best as you can.

On the other hand, negativity is looking at the situation and imagining the worst possible scenarios. Your mind runs amok directing attention to all the potential disasters that can arise in the future. Soon, you’ll feel engulfed in a vortex of fear and depression. What people don’t realize is that negative thoughts can result in their giving up on a life situation only because they “think” it is beyond active control.

Bring Positive Energy into Your Life – It’s Possible!

Given a choice between positivity and negativity, it is possible to make the choice and steer your thoughts in the right direction. Like the pastors at Grace Church Houston advise, begin by making a conscious effort to push back the crazy feelings that tell you that life is no good. Believe in a Greater Power that watches over you. Here are some of the other steps to take:

Spend more time with the positive people in your life. Everyone has friends and family members who love them and appreciate the individuals inside. Recognize them by the happy feelings you have when in their company. They’re encouraging and genuinely support everything you do.

See the humor in all situations. When you’re able to laugh at the irony of life and the things happening beyond control, there’s a better chance of handling them properly.

Consciously eliminate the negative aspects of your life. Bringing good things into your life is all about making individual choices. Are you unhappy in your marriage? Seek couple’s counseling to work out problems. Are you stressed at work because of a coworker? Talk to your boss and resolve the issues. If there are no practical solutions, think about looking for another job.

Introduce healthy eating and exercise into your routine. Nutritious meals nourish not just the mind, but also the body. Choose foods that contain natural serotonin, which is a stress-reliever. For instance, cheese, nuts, seeds, pineapples, tofu, eggs, and any foods that are rich in pro-biotics. The experts at HealthLine reveal how eating right helps good health which in turn is important for a happy outlook. Exercising also boosts serotonin levels so you can keep down stress levels and feel great about life.

Take up meditation. Focus on the person and active energy inside. Breathing in and out slowly helps let go of depressing thoughts and turn your outlook toward good things.

Identify the Factors that Bring Negative Energy

As you learn to make the distinction between positivity and negativity, it’s easy to understand how to fight the triggers that push you over the edge. Take a look at these situations and see if they sound familiar.

1. Walking into the workplace or any formal or informal event. Right away, you start to imagine how people are thinking about that accounting error last week. Or, that everyone is talking about how your home and life is a big mess.

2. The boss is mad because of some disaster at work. You immediately assume it’s because of something you possibly did wrong. Your mom texts at an unexpected moment and panic sets in assuming she or a loved one is unwell.

3. Reading the email announcing your promotion and salary hike. Instead of being happy, you start to focus on the additional tasks, projects, and responsibilities of the new post. And, how each is going to be way out of your abilities.

4. Making ridiculous connections with small situations and disastrous outcomes. For instance, the neighbor’s dog chews up the morning newspaper and that’s an indication that the presentation will fall through. Your favorite shirt goes missing when planning a date with this awesome person and that’s a sign that they’ll hate you.

If you often experience similar situations, know that it’s the mind playing tricks. It’s time to convince your psyche that life is great. And, that’s precisely how things will turn out for you.

Transform Negativity and Stress into Positive Actions

When trying to balance the positivity and negativity in your life, recognize how to transform negative thoughts into practical solutions.

♦ If you’re constantly worrying about all the things that can go wrong, take each imagined outcome one by one and set about creating backup plans. You’ll instantly feel a lot more in control of the situation.

♦ Isolate each incident and recognize it for what it is. Just a crazy incident.

♦ See something bad happening? Distance yourself from it, unless it specifically involves you. Then, start thinking about resolving the problem.

♦ Instead of imagining the worst results of any situation, try thinking of the many ways in which it can be perfect.

♦ When faced with a stressful situation, start counting the many positives going for you, an amazing family, successful career, a comfortable life, and good health and wellness.

A basic rule to remember is that positivity and negativity are both simply a state of mind. But, how the emotions affect your life is very much real. YOU can make the choice and decide which emotion will rule the day. Choose good thoughts and prepare to be amazed at the transformation in your world!

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