Potential Health Benefits of Legal Highs You Cannot Ignore

Don’t know what Legal High is? Well, imagine a pot-like substance with the exclusion of all the various harmful compounds, and the inclusion of all positive aspects that a typical cannabis plant possesses. In simple terms, legal highs contain (or at least they are supposed to) none of the negative by-products of recreational drug use and, instead harnesses its health beneficial potential.

Legal high is one of the many alternate names of a moss-like-plant that was discovered by a group of scientists in Switzerland. This peculiar plant contained compounds that shared a striking resemblance with one of the core compounds found in marijuana – tetrahydrocannabinol, aka THC. However, the limited concentration of other harmful agents makes this plant safer for consumption, and more importantly, for harnessing the various potential health benefits.

However, it must be noted that these potential health beneficial characteristics are strictly limited to prescribed usage, and not for recreational consumption. Online traders such as Legale Mischung are some of the places where you can readily buy legal highs in various forms such as pills, liquid or powder.

These are the five most compelling potential health benefits of Legal highs.

1. May help with cessation of epileptic seizures

There hasn’t been any specific medical research performed on legal highs to support the claim that it can reduce the magnitude of epileptic seizures. However, there have been various studies that suggest drugs containing cannabinoids are indeed helpful in controlling epileptic seizures. A case study in 2003 revealed this equivalent result when synthetic drugs were used on rats, and that helped in controlling the seizure within 10 hours.

The study found that the presence of THC in synthetic drugs was the key factor that helped in binding the brain cells responsible for relaxation, excitation, and ultimately for controlling the seizure. However, an extensive study on human patients is yet to be conducted.

2. Decreases depressive or anxiety-related health conditions

This is probably one of the trademark features of any drugs containing THC, and this is no different in the case of legal high as well. A review posted by the Clinical Psychology Review shows some significant evidence to support the fact that synthetic drugs can indeed help in relieving depression or any type of post-traumatic anxiety disorder.

Legal high contains compounds that have been known to improve or regulate your mood swings, hence aiding in promoting a better mood. However, several reviews and studies have clearly specified that this benefit is solely restricted to low dose usage.

3. Aids in slowing down progression of Alzheimer disease

A case study published by the Molecular Pharmaceutics in 2006 revealed that drugs containing THC played a key role in slowing down the rate of progression of Alzheimer disease by obstructing out the specific enzyme in the brain that creates amyloid plaques (which are ultimately responsible for causing Alzheimer in the first place).

One study conducted on a test mouse also showed conclusive evidence that a mixture of THC and CBD (Cannabinoids) helped in preserving its memory which is a significant revelation since legal highs contain both these crucial compounds.

4. Decreases pain due to arthritis

A case study conducted in 2011 revealed that synthetic drugs containing cannabinoid help greatly in reducing the extent of pain and inflammation caused by Arthritis. This, in turn, promotes better sleep and also decreases the level of discomforts experienced by Arthritis patients.

To further enhance the legitimacy of this claim, several patients from different health care were given a cannabinoid-based pain relief medicine. The result showed significant positive effects as the patients experienced less pain and better sleep quality after two weeks.

5. Reduces pain due to Multiple Sclerosis

Legal highs due to their chemical composition are known to have excellent positive effects on easing pain due to various types of muscle spasms. Multiple sclerosis in specific is one of those muscle spasms conditions that respond positively when treated with drugs containing THC and CBD (Legal highs contain both the compounds).

A small study was conducted on a group of 30 patients suffering from various painful muscle contractions due to multiple sclerosis. After a few days of consumption of synthetic drugs, including the above two key compounds, it was found that patients experienced less pain.

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