The Powerful Human Heart

heartMary O’Malley – I invite you right now to breathe in and out through your heart, waking up the amazing energy center that lives in your chest.  In this time of great chaos on our planet, the human heart is where the healing inherent in this chaos will be revealed.

It is the human heart that will see that we are all in this together, floating on a tiny blue green jewel of a planet that is dancing through vast oceans of space.  The human heart – the aware, powerful, awake human heart – is bigger than the kind of mind that we usually see on the evening news, the kind of mind that polarizes, divides, judges, and is caught in power struggles, the kind of mind that has caused so much violence and misery on our planet.

If you are like me, life bruised and battered your heart through all the great challenges that every human being experiences. Thus, it became unsafe for your heart to stay open, so you put an armoring around it, cutting you off from its wisdom and healing power.  But we cannot afford to stay behind the barricades that surround our hearts any more.  Life needs us.

Life needs us to go through the growing pains of allowing our beautiful, powerful, healing hearts to open again.  Life is asking more and more of us to wake up out of the kind of mind that feels it is separate from life (and thus can harm itself and others) and instead, live from the wisdom of our hearts.

Waking up happens when you can meet all the parts of you and all the struggles inside of you with the spaciousness of your heart.  Your heart has room for everything.  There is absolutely nothing you have felt, thought or done that doesn’t deserve the healing balm of your heart.

The more the armoring around your heart lessens, the more you see that Love is the ground of being out of which life arise.  By Love I mean the field of pure potentiality that is the connective tissue of the universe.  It not only holds all of life together, it animates and nourished everything from the inside out.  This includes atoms, molecules, cells, rocks, pandas, people and planets.

Love is who you truly are.  As it says in A Course in Miracles, “Everything is Love or a request for love.”  It is the love in your heart that will be your unfailing guide through all this chaos, allowing you to show up for what is happening in your life rather than arguing with it or being afraid of it.  And it is your heart that knows that even the most heinous of criminals and the most abusive dictators not only deserve your heart, but also most desperately need it.  It is the aware human heart that knows there is no need to put anybody out of your heart.  You can put them out of your life, but you don’t need to put them out of your heart.

So, I invite you again to breathe in and out through your heart.  It is that simple.  And then turn your life over to Life and ask it to show you how to live from your heart.

SF Source Mary O’Malley Mar 2018

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