Preparing For The Unforeseeable

2 August – Sun square Uranus
2 August – Mercury square Eris
3 August – Full Moon 11° Aquarius
4 August – Venus conjunct Node of Fate
4 August – Mars square Jupiter
4 August – Mercury into Leo
7 August – Venus into Cancer
8 August – Lions Gate

Lion's GateLorna Bevan – The August Gateway is wide open inside the Lions Gate and the magnetic shifts are everywhere amplified by an incoming solar wind. The second half of the 2020 acceleration – which to many in the 3D world feels like a deceleration- is in play.

Start by becoming more creative, inventive and flexible with the routines and coping strategies you‘ve habituated to since March. It’s time to move more consciously into Creator mode, staying in the Now whilst envisioning the December Solstice shift.

Be alert for any promising opportunity or open door that beckons you. Does the seed idea or feel too big or impossible? Trust your intuition ,take the next step in faith and let what happens happen.

With volatile Uranus slowing to turn retrograde, Mercury square disruptor Eris on Sunday, a Uranian Full Moon on Tuesday followed by an over-reactive Mars square Jupiter on Wednesday, frustrations could boil over. At a lower level, those who assumed the virus had gone away and that it was back to business as usual will be reacting to the big reality checks and seeing them as a threat to their liberty. In its highest expression, the Great Awakener shocks us out of any complacency, laziness, or ignorance that has kept us living our lives in the back seat.

The August 3 Full Moon in futurist Aquarius is a tantalizing foretaste of what the promised 2020-2043 progressive Aquarian energy is going to feel like. The Sun/Moon are square Awakener Uranus in Taurus – one of Aquarius’ co- rulers along with Saturn. Intriguingly, Uranus is exactly conjunct Albion – a Plutino who seems to connect the end of one era to the birth of a new one. Much like Uranus, but more with a steady Plutonic transformation drumbeat than typical Uranian rebellion.

Aquarius is governed by the planet Uranus, which rules technology and humanitarianism. The future we are moving towards is one in which these will work hand in hand. Aquarius also rules revolutionary thinking and radical social progress. It exerts a people empowered directive. Aquarius stands for freedom and will not allow anyone or anything to oppress it.

Keep in mind that Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius in December then in 2021, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will be aligned with Uranus. There are new dawns promised during 2021 – as long as we channel the current Eris/Saturn and Pluto isolation into personal and collective re-assessment.

So, between now and the end of the year, trust the slowed down timing, trust the need to prepare for such a different world between 2021-2043. Trust all the ways your thinking is changing from the inside out and what that will mean as you create another version of your life. Use the down time and the restrictions to get ready to take on the unforeseeable. While dancing backwards in high heels towards the promise of December, partner with Saturn and Pluto – no cutting corners.

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The Chandra Symbol for Full Moon AQUARIUS 12: A Heated Argument turns into Laughter.

Tension and release. Contraction and expansion. The breath of the mind resolving its dualities.

In order to make it possible for radical truths and significant realizations to come through, you must first karmically dramatize, inside the ego-mind and outside as well, the unbearable tension between opposing points of view.

And then when your whole inner and outer world is packed with dilemmas, problems, arguments and battles, you become ready to seek out synthesis, to start a cycle of restoring wholeness.

During your experimental years, spice means everything. But during your maturity, there is no further mileage to be had in turning anything against anything else. Getting that you made it all up in the first place and that the rational mind delights in controversy but has its limits.

When resolution comes, everything looks different. All of life turns around, and most particularly your relation to yourself changes from the critic into the friend and respectful ally of your own inward intentions. – Inside Degrees by Elias Lonsdal

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SF Source Hare In The Moon Aug 2020

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