Pro-Trump Social Media Star ‘Topher’ Thinks Trump Could Win 25% Of Black Vote [Video]

TopherClayton Keirns – Earlier this week, I got to sit down with social media sensation ‘Topher’ and it was one of the best political discussions I’ve ever had on the history of this site.

Across all of his platforms including TikTok, Instagram and others, Topher has a following of over 550,000 people. His fact-filled videos have received over 12 milliion likes on TikTok and tens of thousands more on other platforms.

He is an Air Force Veteran who loves our President and our country – and he’s not afraid to talk about it!

While discussing the 2020 election, Topher revealed why he thinks Trump could win upwards of 20-25% of the black vote. If he’s right, that result would completely dismantle the Democrat party for decades to come.

Topher on Snoop Dogg’s Racial Smear, Terry Crews and Colin Kaepernick:

Topher talks about several Trump policies that have greatly helped the black community:

Here’s Topher’s DISS TRACK of Snoop Dogg:

SF Source Trending Politics Jul 2020

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