Professional Solar Installation vs. DIY – Which Works Best

solar panel installationWith increased awareness of the need to conserve the environment, solar panels have become favorite lighting solutions for many.  The adoption of solar systems grows each day, and solar installation companies keep advancing techniques to cater to rising demand. As with most technical tasks it’s vital to hire the right solar installer to ensure high-quality outcomes.

Some people, though, still prefer to go the DIY way. Although this may cost less in the short term, a professional solar installation company is always the best option.

Professional Solar Installation vs. DIY-which one should you choose?

1. Installation cost

The DIY solar installation will costs less money. And this is because some solar panels come with set-up instructions. But you can make grievous mistakes while setting up solar bollards on your pathways.

They can compromise the quality of your panel and probably damage some components. Going for panels built by reputable companies is way better than the ones that you assemble yourself. A solar installer quote may also include site, evaluation, design, system, and labor. Many other incentives come with professional solar installations.

2. Panel quality & Efficiency

Solar panels come in varying qualities. Efficiency and durability are vital components of a solar panel system. The efficiency of your solar panel can be affected by the location and your roof’s orientation. If you go for DIY installation, you must determine the optimal location of your panel. But a professional solar installation company will determine the best location, which enhances its efficiency.

3. Warranties

Solar panels are reliable and require low maintenance. But the warranty is also critical. If you install your panel by yourself, you’ll be responsible in case anything goes wrong. Even the best solar panels can be comprised of faulty installation. However, professional solar companies and installers use high-quality solar panels since they will be responsible for any faults.

Solar panel installation

All electrical tasks require skills and know-how. DIY projects come with hidden costs and can be time-consuming. You also need to consider the building permits if installing your solar panel. But, with a professional solar firm, the task will be handled by professionals, including the application for building permits, determining the most suitable location, and interconnection with the grid. What’s more? Solar installation companies will also help with electrical inspections.

What are the key questions to ask your solar installer?

It’s advisable to engage highly reputed companies. Some of the things to consider are; expertise in installing solar panels. Ask about the company’s experience in terms of the panels they have installed in the past. Get information about the various types of solar panels available and what best suits your property.

 Moreover, inquire whether the team has the necessary training in installing solar panels and their certifications. Insurance is also worth considering. Ask about the company’s insurance cover, the technician may get injured, and such a cover will come in handy.

A quick wrap up

Solar panels are a cost-effective solution for lighting your home. Although you can install your panels by yourself, you enjoy many benefits by engaging a solar installation company. Besides, you don’t want to take chances and compromise your solar panel’s quality and effectiveness.

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