ProjectingVeronica – “It is usually the desire for many to have companionship throughout a physical life. The manifestation of a partner is something many of you do without the proper thought process.  In the mad dash, one tends to project the perfect idea upon one who does not really exhibit perfection at all.  Thus the inappropriate relationship begins as the facade unravels.

The cycle repeats itself until the seeker becomes resigned to the outcomes.  Bitterness and resentment build upon the disappointment in the partner who cannot live up to the projected standards.  We also say that most of the readers of this article will disagree with our perceptions.

You see, those who participate within these cycles often are very skilled at the process…..

“They are all alike.”

“Men are dogs.”

“Woman are difficult.”

We could go on endlessly with the comments, however that is not the focus.  We wish you to understand that those whom you manifest for a relationship often mirror your own issues.  In desperation you indeed project upon the other.

What if you could break the cycle?

First, you must be able to be alone and learn to enjoy it.  The rush to unite can leave you unfulfilled.

Second, when you do meet some one of interest, take a breath before running head long into it.

Allow the individual to be themselves, really themselves.  Do not let your thoughts transform them into something they are not.

We write these thoughts randomly as they flow.  Allow your journey to flow.  Stop projections before they begin.  See things clearly without embellishing.  Let him/her act like themselves without you coloring in what you wish.

SF Source Inner Whispers Jun 2020

One thought on “Projecting

  1. Very good advice. After my second divorce, I finally saw that I had to change myself! It was hard to go out into the world and rely only me. It took a few years to grow into a self sufficient woman with 3 children! I was single for 13 years and dated now and then, and made many new friends. I learned new skills and depended on me alone! I was really proud of who I had become! I loved myself for the first time! Then I met my true love. We had so much in common and brought out the best in each other! There never was a time that we doubted that we wanted to share the rest of lives together. We are married almost 11 years and everyday we are thankful that we found each other!

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