Public Health Specialist Careers Are In Demand

public health specialistPublic health specialists are among the most highly educated and knowledgeable professionals working for the wellbeing of local communities. They provide services that include researching various illnesses and diseases to determine how to decrease their effects. They enforce state environmental laws and safety laws, educate people in their communities and conduct awareness campaigns along with other training workshops.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statisticsublic health specialist positions are in increased demandwith positions estimated to increase by 6 percent annually.

Public health specialists are estimated to earn anywhere between $35,000 and $79,000 annually. It depends on the specific field they’re in, the area where they work, and more.

Generally, you can have a successful career as a public health specialist with just a high school degree. Still, if you want more opportunities and a better job, you need to earn a bachelors or masters degree.Some public health specialists work in public health or nursing. A small percentage study health care administration and business.

Most public health specialists have at least a bachelors degree before they join public health. And more than 50% of people who choose to become public health specialists earn their Masters in Public Health Online or on-campus before joining the force. Once you have a Masters degree, you are ready to face the world and work to make it better.

Roles and Responsibilities

As a public health specialist, there are numerous responsibilities that you will need to shoulder. These are:

Develop computerized immunization tracking programs.

Analyze, assess, and recommend new sanitary systems across communities.

Help with HACCP food service programs as well as pieces of training and certifications.

Work with vendors who are going to open new restaurants.

Coordinate with other response teams and highlight the increase in disease awareness and intervention.

Monitor, facilitate, and evaluate CDC-funded statewide initiatives

Develop and implement protocols for providing STD/HIV/TB testing in homeless populations.

Schedule and conduct facilities site inspections.

Develop community-based intervention programs concerning dieting and exercise, teen pregnancy, infection control, and substance abuse.

Public Health Specialist Fields

Usually, when we think about public health we think of nurses. But there are a number of other areas you can pursue. These include:

Health and Safety Engineer
Environmental Scientist
State Agencies
Healthcare Administrator
Technical Assistance
Medical and Health Services Manager
Health Educator
Environmental Health

Skills Needed

Stamina and Resilience

One important thing that a public health specialist needs is physical stamina. If you join as occupational health and safety specialist, you will need to stand for long periods. You will also have to travel regularly. You might also need to plan and implement various physical health education programs across the schools in your area.


Another essential skill for a public health specialist is the understanding of technology. You might need to use the latest technology as it not only saves your time and energy but is also cost-efficient. You will be in charge of enforcing various government regulated laws and programs. You will need to collect, analyze, and report data from thousands of people. It could be from the hospitality industry, healthcare industry, or multiple industries.


As a public health specialist, you will need to utilize your communication skills. You will need to provide training, guide, and otherwise educate people. It could be the general public, a private organization, a non-profit organization, or more. You must be able to communicate your messages effectively through verbal and visual means and your body language. It is a time-consuming task, and sometimes you will need all your communication skills and stamina to educate the public day in and day out.

Environmental Health

It is one of the most in-demand skills that employers look for in a public health specialist. You will need to address local and regional organizations to help them understand the environmental laws and policies and help them implement them. You might also need to conduct environmental health and preparedness audits across multiple organizations. That is where your tech skills, communications, and environmental health skills come into play. You will also need to train organizations accordingly.


Another high demand and sought-after skill that you should have on your resume is healthcare. If you have healthcare training, you can provide dietary training programs across various educational institutes and more. You will also work with other government officials, healthcare professionals, and local agencies to enforce smoke policies. You might even get to work with HIV patients and help them acquire affordable housing, quality healthcare, and employment, among other things.


Whether you look at job satisfaction, stable jobs, high salaries, or anything else, you will find public health specialists among the top positions. You get to bring joy and happiness to communities that are struggling and downtrodden. You get to help others and uplift their lives, increase the quality of their lives, and go home knowing that somebody feels better because of you.

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