Put Magic into your own Words!

wordsJill Mattson – There is a secret power in language sounds. If everyone stopped talking, our energy would drop.

Ancient people knew the power in sounds and words…not from the meaning, but from the sounds.

Historian Schwaller de Lubicz discovered that in rituals the ancient Egyptians used “sound formulas” that were not words and had no meanings. He reported that, ‘”Sacred or magical language is not to be understood as a succession of terms with definite meanings… the excitation of certain nervous center’s [cause] physiological effects [which] are evoked by the utterance of certain letters or words which make no sense in themselves.” Hmmm… Words are like medicine!

An ancient Egyptian said in a letter to King Amman, “As for us, we do not use simple words but sounds all filled with power.”

In ancient Egypt, there was a form of vocal music called layali, was used and repeated the syllables, ya, leal and einy. This puts me In a meditative state quickly!

Other languages and cultures link sounds with very specific healing benefits! “Hu” is the mystical Sufi’s sacred sound… “Hu” creates a burning sensation in one’s head if you say it over and over.

Ha, ha, also begins with H, stimulating glands, especially the thymus. Try this incredible exercise! Hold a glass of water with intent to pass energy to the water. Take four breathes through your nose and exhale from your mouth to the water, making a “ha” sound, then take four normal breathes, then four deep breathes. The deep ha breaths pass energy and the normal ones keep you from getting light headed. The water may start to bubble and turn pale blue.

The medical society confirms that laughter (a sound) boosts the immune system.

The Taoists say that:

* Ssss helps the lunges
* Who is for kidneys?
* Sshhh is for liver
* Haw is for heart
* Woo is for spleen

Special frequencies expand our consciousness; Musical intervals, rhythms and harmonics may be directed to produce special effects!
The Fibonacci numbers, vibrational patterns that God used in creating our world, transposed into tones. Also embedded are the Solfeggio tones to enhance spiritual enlightenment. Listen to these sounds at www.Jills Wings of Light.com!

SF Source Jill’s Wings of Light Sep 2020

2 thoughts on “Put Magic into your own Words!

  1. Your quote got me thinking right away as to why the Powers That Be have us all wearing masks and not likely to ever get out of this “New Normal”, because, as you mentioned in your first paragraph “If everyone stopped talking, our energy would drop.”
    If our “vibrational frequency” is Low we can be controlled.

    1. You’re definitely right concerning this agenda and its impact on society. God willing, the majority will grow tired of being “silenced” and realize that it’s more fun to live life naturally than under gov’t-controlled mandates. – g

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