Intentions, Assumptions and Expectations

energyJennifer Hoffman – Have you ever had your heart broken, been disappointed, or felt rejected by someone? The problem is not that you weren’t worthy of that situation or person, but that there was no alignment between them and the outcomes you wanted to create with your intention. And there was not enough energy in the relationship connection to maintain it.

It may have felt like it in the beginning (everything looks rosy and possible when we are in love) but energies between people and within relationships do change over time and we need to be aware of those changes and make appropriate course corrections.

While we assume every relationship is ‘supposed’ to last forever, many are learning opportunities that teach us lessons in choosing, alignment, empowerment, discernment, and letting go.

When we set expectations we pull the energy ahead of its potential and then attempt to hold everything together while we try to make everything fit and work. We are trying to create congruence and harmony by making the energy fit (what I call ‘false congruence’) instead of allowing trust and faith to guide the energy to fit.

What happens when it all snaps back because it has ‘run out of energy road’? (You will see that on the video.)

What’s the best choice for us? To set strong intentions for the love (or anything else) we want and then let the energy flow to and through our intention.

Some parts of our outcome may be disappointing because what we thought would work out one way doesn’t.

Other parts may be a surprise when we manifest something we never thought would happen.

But when we make assumptions and expectations and then str-e-e-e-e-e-tch the energy in the direction we think it should go, we invite a bad surprise when it snaps back because we have pulled the energy in directions that do not support our intention and are out of alignment with our energy.

Have you ever set big expectations and stretched energy to make them happen? What was the result? Share your comments below and let me know how you are going to make your intentions stronger by managing your assumptions and expectations to keep the energy flowing in the direction that is most fulfilling for you!

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