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SussmanBrooks Agnew – Marc Elias’s recent departure from the Perkins Coie law firm is related to an investigation by special counsel John Durham into the origins of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) surveillance of former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, Amanda Milius, director of The Plot Against the President, said on Monday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

Durham’s investigation led to a grand jury’s indictment of Michael Sussman, another lawyer who also recently resigned from Perkins Coie, for making a false statement to the FBI. Sussman is alleged to have lied about his representation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign when he requested a meeting with the FBI’s general counsel to accuse the Trump Organization of “covert communications” with a Russian bank.

“Democrat election lawyer Marc Elias, a key figure in the ‘Russia collusion’ hoax, has parted ways with the Perkins Coie law firm, ahead of the anticipated release of Special Counsel John Durham’s report into the origins of the Russia inquiry,” Breitbart News reported August 22.

Milius told Breitbart News Daily, “Durham is finally coming out with some stuff, and anybody that’s confused or wants some clarity on why the first indictment is so huge about Perkins Coie — the law firm that represents the DNC — our movie, The Plot Against the President, literally outlines this entire thing. I’m actually extremely excited about the Durham stuff.”
“I had some conversations with [Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA)] about this that were very interesting. Watch the movie if you want to refresher. That’s your Russiagate refresher,” Milius continued.

“Perkins Coie, as far as non-government institutions go, [is] probably the most powerful group of people in the country. Mark Elias left a couple of weeks ago, which is very weird, and signifies that they know something’s up. I think that signals that there’s so much weight to this,” she stated.

“I don’t want to get my hopes up entirely, because everybody’s like, ‘Oh, we’ve been waiting for your repercussions for Russiagate for so long, and nothing will ever happen.’ I agree, but if guys like Congressman Nunes — who is like the guru of this whole thing, he really understands this better than anybody — if he thinks that he likes what he sees from this, and that’s kind of what I’m getting [from him], then that gives me a lot of hope. That’s a very positive sign, because there’s nobody that knows about this stuff more than he does,” she said.

“The fact that nothing has leaked [from Durham’s investigation] over the course of how long this has taken shows that the bad guys aren’t involved. At least we know that. I think that’s a sign that we can trust some of what’s coming out of this. Whether it’ll have any power or if [this indictment] will have any impact, we’ll see what happens,” Milius concluded.

Justice Delayed

Five years is well along the road to statutes of limitations.  The Clintons have lived their lives on this principle.  Justice delayed is justice denied.  And war, is usually the result.  After 5 years, Durham has almost reluctantly arrested one person.

Democrat consigliori Michael Sussmann was finally arrested for the almost misdemeanor of making false statements to the FBI.  Is there any man live except President Trump who has not lied to the FBI?

However, Durham’s saga of an indictment reveals damning detail how the Trump-Russia collusion fraud was fabricated and disseminated on the eve of the 2016 presidential election. The 27-page indictment appears to be a teaser for coming attractions. It sets forth specific averments which, if true, spell out the basis for criminal charges against many of the individuals and entities referenced in the indictment.

It should be noted that all of those attractions, with the exception of murder, have statutes of limitations and mostly are of no value, that serving as great facts for a book about how to destroy your political opponents using the FBI and corrupt judges.

The indictment alleges how Sussmann was the consigliori for the Clinton Crime Syndicate.  He used his skills and the name of the nation’s most powerful law firm to use the Clinton financed fake evidence to get FISA warrants and make her political opponents the subjects of federal investigations  Yes, I said subjects.  This started before Donald Trump was even the nominee.

At the time, there were three men still in the running; including Ted Cruz and John Kasich.  Let my intuition suffice it to say that Ted Cruz was even more hated than Donald Trump in February of 2016, and was being surveilled by the FBI at the time on behalf of the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

Sussmann and the Clinton Campaign are identified in the indictment by name in Durham’s indictment.  Only Sussmann was arrested.  There are other participants who are identified only by titles such as “Tech Executive-1,” “Campaign Lawyer-1,” Internet Company -1.” However, “Russian Bank-1” has been identified elsewhere as the Alfa Bank, which has ties to the Kremlin.

Sussmann consorted with the FBI’s General Counsel in Washington at which time he delivered fake documents and data that purportedly demonstrated the connection between the Trump Organization and the Alfa Bank.  He lied repeatedly, saying “He was not acting on behalf of any client, which led the FBI General Counsel to understand that SUSSMANN was conveying the allegations as a good citizen and not as an advocate for any client.”

Sussmann was being paid by the Clinton campaign for his time and services spent concocting the documents and data that he delivered to the FBI. It is also alleged that Sussmann much later testified before Congress that he met with the FBI’s General Counsel “on behalf of his client.”

After nearly 9 months of organized criminal activity, approximately one week before the 2016 Presidential election, Sussmann requested the Global media Empire to report that “U.S. government authorities had received and were investigating allegations concerning a purported secret channel of communications” between the Trump Organization and the Alfa Bank.

The strategically timed media blitz that the Trump campaign was being investigated by law enforcement for clandestine ties to the Kremlin split the country in two.  That grand division has never healed.

The one and only count to the indictment states the following:

On or about September 19, 2016, within the District of Columbia, MICHAEL A. SUSSMANN, the defendant, did willfully and knowingly make a materially false, fictitious, and fraudulent statement or representation in a matter before the jurisdiction of the executive branch of the Government of the United States, to wit, on or about September 19, 2016, the defendant stated to the General Counsel of the FBI that he was not acting on behalf of any client in conveying particular allegations concerning a Presidential candidate, when in truth, and in fact, and as the defendant well knew, he was acting on behalf of specific clients, namely Tech Executive-1 and the Clinton Campaign.” [Emphasis added]

As a matter of law, for a statement to be “materially false,” it must have a natural tendency to influence, or be capable of influencing, the decision of the body to which it was addressed. It is not necessary that Sussmann’s statement actually influenced the FBI or even that the FBI relied on the statement in any way. Rather, the issue is whether Sussmann’s statement was predictably capable of affecting the FBI’s official decisions or actions.

The FBI was not only cooperating in the crime, they were actively participating in the endorsement and integration of the campaign in the form of fake FIZA warrant requests.  These warrants allow them to spy on not only candidate trump but also candidate Cruz.  The Cruz file was not needed at that time, and it remains secret in a vault owned by the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

Will a jury ever see or hear this evidence?  Highly unlikely.  Sussmann will be dead before that is permitted.  After all, he is being prosecuted in DC, where the entire court system and the FBI are on the payroll of the Global Syndicate.  Since they are already on the Clinton payroll, they will most likely throw the case out before it ever gets to trial.

Recall, for example, the FBI’s investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for possible violations of a criminal statute that made it a felony for anyone lawfully possessing information pertaining to the national defense to allow it, through “gross negligence,” to be removed from its proper place of custody and disclosed. In other words, as with a drunken driver who accidentally runs down and kills a pedestrian, “gross negligence” alone was and is sufficient to warrant a felony charge.

On July 5, 2016 — months before Sussmann approached the FBI’s General Counsel — FBI Director James Comey held a press conference at which he announced the results of the Clinton investigation. Comey made it clear that Clinton had repeatedly and over a period of years stored, sent, and received “very sensitive, highly classified information” on her unclassified, nongovernment email server. But, although Comey conceded that Clinton was “extremely careless” in doing so, he nevertheless concluded that she should not be charged because there was no “clear evidence” that she “intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information.”

Confronted by an insurmountable mountain of proof of Clinton’s grossly negligent and therefore felonious mishandling of classified information, Comey, with a straight face and without apparent embarrassment, raised a totally irrelevant nonissue (lack of clear proof of intent) to give Clinton a pass. He did this even though others — equally without clear proof of intent — had been convicted on far less evidence.

Keep in mind that, by his announcement, Comey became the first FBI director in history to arrogate to himself the authority of the attorney general to make a charging decision. By doing so, Comey made it clear how far the FBI would go to serve the interests of the Clinton campaign.  A long list of dead witnesses, lawyers, judges, and jurors strikes fear into anyone interested in actual justice, no matter what country they live in.

Remember the FBI’s role in fake FISA applications for the illegal electronic surveillance of Trump campaign adviser Carter Page as well as its entrapment of George Papadopoulos and its outright framing of General Michael Flynn, Trump’s National Security Adviser?  I spoke with George Papadopoulos in May.  He would be dead or in jail if it was not for his suspicion that the CIA and the FBI were focused on getting rid of President Trump.  Yes.  It is true.  They used the most powerful intelligence tools on earth to destroy President Trump, and they found nothing.  Jesus Christ had more against him than they could find against Donald trump.

How can Durham’s prosecution of the Clinton consigliori hope to convince a District of Columbia jury or fact-finding judge that it would have made one iota of difference if Sussmann had told the FBI’s General Counsel that he was speaking on behalf of the Clinton campaign?  Even if they had the cancelled checks and videos of the murders, a jury full of hatred for America would not be moved.

Durham’s indictment’s carefully describe the dark craft regarding the Trump-Russia smear operation planned in the January 5th, 2017 Oval Office meeting by then President Obama.  The meticulous and laborious efforts that have the look and the feel of a compelling and far-ranging conspiracy case for which the statute of limitations is far from expiring and which can and hopefully will be prosecuted in a court or courts outside the District of Columbia.

The question is, how many years will it take?  How witnesses will die?  How many judges will be bribed?  How much will the Global Media Empire invest in smashing Durham’s plans for justice?  And, how long will Americans tolerate their country being ruled by a crime syndicate?

Maybe Australia will show us the way.

I know certain analysis say we’re watching a movie, and that we should enjoy the show.  Well, I don’t.  I am a gentle man, but I am getting angrier by the day.  I pray to God every day that the sword of justice will fall on their necks.  Vengeance is His? Well, it’s time.

SF Source Brooks Agnew Sep 2021

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