Realize The Goal

goal of lifeVeronica – Physical reality is quite the obstacle course for many.  An element of awareness is needed to navigate through the denseness.  One can define the experience as being knee deep in mud while attempting to run a foot race.

Fairly frustrating even for the most advanced of souls.  The deeper you sink the more resentful one feels at their predicament.

The dance that begins between linear and soulful perspective can feel overwhelming.  While the choice made to incarnate requires full focus within the reality, it also requires a more spiritual perspective. This support from spirit can alleviate the stress of the incarnate as they move through the life.

Many become disconnected in their journey by allowing the loud energy of the physical to distract them from their focus.  A conflict within can cause confusion as awareness of who they really are becomes elusive.

Often one can feel the disconnect profoundly.  An emotional response can spark a miniature war within.  By focusing upon the conflict, one can become even more confused and conflicted.

Realize the goal is not to win the argument within, but rather turn it into a more aware moment that results in growth.  Take the time in your over active dramatic day to truly listen to both sides….. linear….. spiritual.  Stop being at war.

Use your ability to focus seriously.  Examine your interactions inside of your soul.  Compare the two perspectives.  Decide that the bigger picture is the journey of your spirit.  The physical is just an opportunity to manifest the lessons with a lot of impact.

Clear your head.

Stop the internal conflict that separates your energy.  Decide to end the war.  It’s distracting and not conducive to the true destination of your soul.

SF Source Inner Whispers May 2020

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