Reasons Why Vaping with Juul Pods is Not Recommended for Teenagers

Juul podsTeenagers are known to take up all sorts of habits just to look cool and happening. But, one of the most unfortunate trends that has emerged in latest times is vaping. Most young people are completely unaware about the danger of using Juuls, as one of the brands is called, and the damage it can cause in developing brains.

Using Juul pods is only permitted for use by adults and people above the age of 21 years who are trying to quit smoking. Should you go online and check websites for devices and e-juices, you’ll note that each site specifically states that only adults are allowed to buy their products. Further, every vendor verifies ages and identities before taking orders and shipping them.

Teenagers manage to get hold of vaping products that look similar to USB devices and are easy to conceal. As parents, it is up to you to educate impressionable kids and warn them. And, if they talk about using “iPhones of vaporizers,” know that it’s time to step in. When you sit down to have a conversation with them, here are some of the facts to talk about.

1. Juul Pods Contain Nicotine

Each Juul pod contains nicotine worth 5 mg though, varieties with lower percentages of 3 mg are also available. 5 mg of the drug is equivalent to 200 puffs or a pack of 20 cigarettes.

The flavors like mango, menthol, crème Brule, watermelon, and strawberry milk contained in Juuls may seem enjoyable since they don’t smell or taste like conventional cigarettes. But users need to be aware that the lack of odor and fruity fragrances are deceptive and do not make Juuling safe.

Vaping may seem like a harmless, recreational activity, but it has several risks. You should also be aware that as compared to other vaping brands, Juuls have the highest concentration of nicotine, just as this article released by the National Center for Health Research explains.

Perhaps, the most worrying factor of Juul pods is that they contain nicotine in the form of salts. When nicotine is processed from tobacco leaves in the form of salts, it gives a smoother feel and assimilates into the blood quicker.

You’ll also notice that smoking Juuls does not cause that grating feel in the throat, which smoking veterans call, “throat tickle.” As kids should be warned, the absence of discomfort does not mean that the nicotine is a safer version.

In fact, you’ll consume higher amounts of the drug without being aware of it. Teens are known to consume multiple pods at one sitting simply because of the enjoyable tastes and low volumes of smoke emitted by Juul pods.

2. Vaping Affects Adolescent Brains and Impairs Development

The fact remains that adolescent brains are in the developing stage right up to age of 25 years. And, nicotine and other chemicals contained in e-juices are especially harmful for underdeveloped brains.

Nicotine particularly affects centers of the brain that manage learning, controlling impulses, and moods. When you’re learning new skills and lessons in class, the brain processes the new information by creating synapses or connections between the brain cells.

Younger people learn faster since their brains are more efficient at building the synapses. Taking nicotine interferes with the process and the way synapses form. And, that’s not all. Nicotine also impairs the prefrontal cortex that controls cognitive functioning and decision-making capabilities. Because of the increased sensitivity to drugs, teenagers are at a higher risk for drug abuse as the next step in their vaping habits.

3. Nicotine Content in Juuls is Addictive

Young people have a higher probability of getting addicted to nicotine. Taking up Juuling in the teenage years raises their propensity for smoking as adults. In fact, researchers at the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control have found that 65% of teens between the ages of 15 and 24 are totally unaware that Juul pods contain nicotine.

Although Juuls were originally invented to help smokers kick the habit, the reverse is actually true. Adults who don’t normally smoke have a four times higher chance of nicotine addiction after 18 months of vaping.

4. Other Ingredients in Juul Pods Are Harmful for the Lungs

Juul pods contain several other chemicals in addition to nicotine in salt form. You’ll find a detailed list on this feature on CNet. As you will note, ingredients like glycerol, propylene glycol, and benzoic acid are commonly used as additives in food and cosmetics.

While they are, no doubt, safe for ingesting orally as food, they are harmful when converted into vapor form. Scientists agree that the vaporized particles irritate the lining of the esophagus and delicate cells of the lungs. That’s because the gut can safely absorb more chemicals so they don’t affect the body. Juuls also contain aerosol, which has, again, been proven to cause lung damage.

5. Additional Hazards of Juuling

Vaping with Juuls has several other hazards that affect both teens and adults. For instance, swallowing or allowing the e-juice to come into contact with the skin or eyes is exceedingly harmful. For this reason, labels on vaping products clearly state that all items should be stored where kids and pets cannot reach them.

Breathing in the fumes without vaporizing is another potential hazard that should be carefully avoided. E-cigarette poisoning comprises of 50% of the calls made to control centers and the incidents involve kids ages 5 years and younger.

Juuling is an exceedingly harmful activity for teenagers and the dangers are multiplied manifold because of the imitations and sub-standard vaping products and e-liquids, now available in the market. There have been reports of injuries because of devices spontaneously combusting or catching fire and causing burn injuries.

If you suspect that your teenagers are indulging in or even, experimenting with vaping, warn them about the hazards. Parents should also be aware that kids may use vaporizing gadgets to smoke marijuana and other drugs. Keep your teens safe, monitor their activities, and protect them from underage vaping.

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