Reasons You’re Waking Up Tired

wake up tiredFor some people, no matter how much sleep they get at night, they can’t seem to wake up feeling rested. Sleep plays an incredibly important role in how our bodies function. Without it, our bodies will become unwell and fatigued. Not only will you be more susceptible to illness without enough sleep, but your brain won’t function as well, either.

So, why is it that you’re constantly feeling tired, and how do you get better sleep? Take a look at some of the most common reasons why you may be dragging in energy throughout the day.

Not Enough of The Right Kind of Sleep

Our bodies have more than just one type of sleep cycle. It’s not only important that you sleep, but that you sleep deeply enough so that your body is able to restore itself. Think of your body as a battery that needs to be adequately charged every night. If you fail to charge your battery enough, you’ll run out of steam before the end of the day.

Try to get into the habit of a regular sleep and wake schedule so that you’re encouraging your body to get the right kind of sleep for the right amount of time.

You’re Drinking Too Much Coffee

Coffee is supposed to make you feel awake, right?  So it’s only natural to reach for it when you start to feel your energy dipping. However, the truth is that the more caffeine you drink throughout the day, the bigger of a caffeine crash you’ll suffer.

What goes up must come down; therefore, when you start to feel tired, it’s often a result of all that caffeine you drank. Not to mention those late afternoon coffees may be attributing to your late bedtime.


When you have a lot weighing on your mind, it can start to take its toll on your quality of sleep. If you have a stressful lifestyle, try to take measures to center your mind. There are many different methods to calm your mind down and settle yourself to sleep.

From deep breathing exercises to meditation, it’s a good idea to practice different methods for soothing your brain when it starts to go into overdrive.


A lot of people swear by their evening glass of wine to soothe them into a peaceful sleep.  While it may be true that alcohol can help you fall asleep, it actually inhibits you from staying asleep. Too much alcohol in your body can result in a restless sleep that causes you to wake up feeling even more exhausted than before you went to sleep. Not to mention one glass too many can result in a pounding head.

If you’re having persistent sleep problems, it’s time to consult your doctor. Poor quality sleep accompanied by symptoms, such as repeated breathing stops that last 10 to 20 seconds, excessive daytime sleepiness, and waking with a headache, can be signs of obstructive sleep apnea. This sleep disorder can lead to complications when left untreated. Managing sleep apnea involves using an oral appliance for oxygen therapy to help reduce breathing stops and facilitate better quality sleep.

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