Recognize The Power

energyVeronica – When bombarded by the potential of negative energy decide to become fearless in your reaction to it. As it flies about you become anchored in your own frequency. Center your thoughts upon the positive vibrations that your soul creates. Rescue the nuggets that your own energy is creating. Do not allow renegade negativity to permeate your inner sanctum.

Instead decide to nurture your linear self with an expansion of eternal force. Your guides will support this endeavor. By eliminating the creation of your own negative probabilities you can exist in a place of peace.

Every chance you get reinforce all that is good within. Use it as a shield against the pummeling of those events that can knock you off course.

We’ve said it many times that your soulful energy will never let you down.

Believe it.

Become it.

A positive force of your own design. It is as unique as you are. Recognize the power of your own soul. It is committed to guiding you throughout this life. Connect and become more of yourself. You might be surprised at its intensity.

You are way more powerful than you think.


Become more of yourself.

SF Source Inner Whispers Oct 2021

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