Full Moon Rising – Heart Alignment

relationshipMystic MammaFull moon in Libra is giving us all the feels.  As always Libra teaches us about right relationship to everything in our lives.

At this particular time, in this Year of Dog with all the planetary action at play and Mercury Retrograde, we are being asked to bring the focus inward and  gaze deeply into the mirror of Self so we can truly come into right  relationship with all our relations.

There is so much that is out of balance coming up for reflection for each of us on many levels.

Being conscious is being aware of the impact our actions have on others.

We are all in relationship and our actions have rippling effects, whether we are aware of it or not.

Now is the time to bring our  focus inward and create some healing space for ourselves to self-reflect so we can ground into Source connection, gain understanding, and bring about some good healing as we course correct.

Dynamics will shift as we ourselves shift.

So let’s harness our energy so can more consciously realign our actions with our hearts.

All my Love!

SF Source Mystic Mamma Mar 2018

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