Running Towards Your Dreams Or From Your Fears?

dreamsAndrea Schulman – When it comes to your life goals, are you running towards your dreams or away from your fears?

This is a super important question to ask ourselves when it comes to goal setting, and it’s one that is often overlooked.

See, we all carry limitations and fears. Unfortunately, sometimes these limitations encourage us to tackle goals that resonate with the OPPOSITE of what we really want.

When this happens, we end up chasing goals for the purpose of escaping fear rather than the purpose of experiencing joy and passion.

The result? Pain and suffering.

Let me give you a few examples.

Let’s say that you are carrying a fear of your parent’s disapproval. Instead of reaching for YOUR dreams you may find yourself reaching for your parents dreams.

You may try to get into the college they want you to go to, or look for a job in the business they want you to work in. Perhaps you will get married to someone to appease their desire to see you married. Chasing goals like these often leave people frustrated and overwhelmed later in life.

Perhaps you also carry a limitation that tells you that you NEED money in order to have fun and freedom in your life. You believe that without money you are doomed to a miserable life.

So though what you really want is fun and freedom you end up actually sacrificing your fun and freedom in the short-term. Instead of enjoying the fun and freedom you have access to now, you slave away chasing checks.

Why would you do this? In hopes of escaping the fear of not having enough money to provide for your fun and freedom.

Ironically, trying to escape this fear actually takes you away from the things you are trying to achieve.

Why running towards your dreams is important.

When it comes to goal setting, knowing how you are oriented is of monumental importance. If you are running from a fear, you are always in the process of allowing your reality to be governed by limitation. This kind of a chase will ramp up more fear and limitation in your life (courtesy of the Law of Attraction).

If you are running toward a dream, however, the opposite is true. When we run toward what makes our heart sing, the Law of Attraction brings us more to feel passionate about in our lives.

So, today I encourage you to evaluate your big life goals right now. Are they representative of what you really want, or are they an attempt to escape a limitation?

Be true to your heart’s desires. Be willing to abandon goals that take you away from the passionate life you really want for yourself. If you’re going to tackle a goal, make sure it’s taking you where you really want to go first.

SF Source Dreamcatcher Reality Oct 2020

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