Side Effects Of GMOs – Ask Your Doctor If Cancer Is Right For You

Natural News | October 21 2012

Donald Rumsfeld

If I sprayed your salad with some “RAID” roach killer right now, just a little bit right on the lettuce and maybe a little more on the tomatoes, would you still eat it all, and just assume your body will simply filter out those “small amounts” of toxins? Better yet, what if I paid for it, a nice big, tasty, “bug killer” salad that you could even take outside and no bugs would bother you at all, would you eat it? How about this: If I sprayed a quick shot of some Raid ant killer into your orange juice or your apple juice right in front of you, would you drink it, especially if you’d save 25 cents on every drink you drank from now on? What if most vegetables, fruits, and fruit juice drinks were sold that way, and cheaper than the “Non-Raid” food, would you still buy them? Wouldn’t that pay off for you in the long run? I guess not, because you’re not stupid, are you?

What if the NUMBER ONE SIDE EFFECT of your medication was CANCER, would you still take it, just to temporarily make that headache go away, or maybe to make a little muscle ache disappear for a few hours? GMO means food and medicine are genetically modified, with bacteria and sometimes with viruses, or with weed killer, worm killer, bug killer and people killer. “Pesticide food” is well planned out and has been for decades. Let’s look at history for proof.

Pesticide food timeline

1920 – German chemical companies are hired . . . to create mustard gas, pesticides, and insecticides to be used to gas enemy soldiers at the front lines and in the trenches of WWI.

1940 – Hitler uses odorless gas created by the pharmaceutical conglomerate I.G. Farben (Monsanto, Hoescht, BASF and Bayer) to gas to death millions of Jews in WWII atrocity at Auschwitz and other concentration camps. (

1950s – Hitler’s scientists and “deadly gas” creators are sentenced for their war crimes of enslavement and murder. The scientists somehow only get put in prison for four to seven years for mass murder, and when they get out of jail, the U.S. government and major pharmaceutical firms hire them to work on food chemicals and pesticides for American farmlands (The “birth” of GMO). (

1960s – United States uses Agent Orange (created by Monsanto and Dow Chemical) to burn down the thick forestry of Vietnam, but millions of Vietnamese families get cancer from it, and tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers come home with cancer, most to die from it in less than a decade. (

1980 – Aspartame, a genetically modified sugar substitute, banned for decades, was pushed through the system/legislation by Donald Rumsfeld and Ronald Reagan, who fired the head of the FDA and put in place their own partner in crime, right from the first day Reagan took office ( This toxification of millions of innocent Americans auspiciously timed for the “weight loss” craze phase of the 1980s. Rumsfeld just happened to be the CEO of Searle Pharmaceutical, and Searle profited in the billions. So much for “insider trading” laws and “conflicts of interest.” The U.S. government was blatantly breeding cancer and selling it as food.

1990s – Reign of the biotech “Big Agriculture” and pharmaceutical giants: Monsanto, Dow, Dupont, Hoescht, BASF, and Bayer (German mass murdering scientists and their disciples) continue intense work on the real GMO “frankenfoods” that are most popular in the United States: cancer-causing corn and cancer-causing soy, both resistant to the pesticide ingredients used in Vietnam. (

2001 – George W. Bush and his conspiring vice president, Dick Cheney, under advisement from Donald Rumsfeld, subsidize CORN AND SOY in the U.S., helping Monsanto Corporation basically enslave U.S. farmers with seed, equipment, and pesticide “deals” where they are legally bound to use toxic RoundUp pesticide on RoundUp Ready crops, the ones that contain pesticide in the seeds.

1940-2012 – No U.S. legislation restricting pesticides in food. The most evil biotech companies are allowed to “police themselves.” The government sets no limits on the amount of RoundUp contained in corn and soy, nor how much can be sprayed on them as well. No FDA regulations for GMO infant food, including GM pesticide in infant formulas. “Biotech” becomes the fancy umbrella name for PESTICIDE FOOD MANUFACTURERS.

September, 2012 – French scientists conclude FIRST EVER long-term study of GMO on rats; extensive research PROVING GMO CORN causes horrific tumors in rats, killing 70 percent of females early, long before their average two-year life expectancy.

October, 2012 – Europe-wide ban on Monsanto GM corn imminent in wake of French study linking it to cancer. Russia also bans all GM corn imports. (

October 2012 – Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Dupont, Bayer, Dean Foods (the dairy giant), General Mills, Kellogg’s and Smucker are fighting to keep GMO foods UNLABELED so cancer can be perpetuated! Insurance companies invest in FAST FOOD industry, thus banking on more people getting cancer. (
To make matters worse, several “organic” food companies sell out to the GM owned corporate elite. (

2013 and beyond: No end in sight: Most VACCINES AND FLU SHOTS contain GMO ingredients. Chemotherapy (AKA “agent orange”) is pushed on the masses as a viable treatment for people who have been steadily consuming pesticide, fluoride, bleach, aspartame, MSG and GMO.

Side effects of GMO for ALL ANIMALS

Attention all humans, you are animals also, remember? Human beings have over 90 percent the same genetic make-up (DNA) as monkeys, dogs, cats, and rats. (

When you consume GMO corn chips, cereals, wheat products, soy “milk,” and the like, you are heading off a HEALTH CLIFF. Turn around now! Stop eating GMO, and that includes meat and milk which comes from animals shot up with GM hormones, steroids, and the “corporate” animals which eat GM feed like corn and alfalfa. (

Find out exactly how to quit eating GMO food right now. Find out how to help get all GM food labeled! ( Side effects of long-term GM food consumption include liver cancer, kidney cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer (for men too), thyroid tumors, Parkinson’s disease, infertility, birth defects, autism and brain tumors. The dreaded diagnosis of cancer has been linked in over 260 studies worldwide to agrochemicals.

The three-tier cure for cancer

1. Drink spring water: If you don’t trust it in plastic bottles due to bisphenol/BPA, just find natural springs near where you live. (

2. Eat only “Certified Organic” food or grow your own. (

3. Eat superfoods. (

Remember, knowledge is power, and no person or organization can ever take it away from you. Remember that the body is the temple of the soul, so treat it that way. Otherwise, if you’re still considering a GMO food diet or regimen, be sure and ask your doctor if CANCER is right for you.

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11 thoughts on “Side Effects Of GMOs – Ask Your Doctor If Cancer Is Right For You

  1. Oh Gillian – you are going to ban me for life / look at the 1990 timeline. “German Scientists” / dont you see. What this does is corral us into a suspician for all that is German. When in fact – so many Germans are decent. Just like Americans who unwittingly killed 1 Million!!! innocent Iraquis over a false flag. So, could we say – damned Americans? because we lack clear thinking skills (probably because the GMO killed our brain cells – HA)

    I think you see now. By the way – God bless George McGovern, but he gave us the food pyramid. It is completely incorrect, and is part of the power behind the grain (Monsanto) / you want to know who thought grain was not good for us (bread – starch – insulin reaction – sugar – and —- cancer loves insulin (you need to read about the real scientists).

    I digress – read about Gary Taubes – he has figured out nutrition, and – surprise – the Austrians and Germans in 1910 and just about the timeline figured out what make us FAT. I might say that humanity, true humanity knows know bounds or ethnic grouping. Please re-read the timelines to see how Germans are demonized. And realize the same fate has come to us because of a failure to recognize this lesson. Hate begets Hate. Over and out.

    1. Again, I have no issue with the German SCIENTIST reference as it is linked to pharmaceuticals and chemical companies. It is an unfortunate fact that the individuals running these corporations are eugenicists. The scientists working for them are – for the most part – also eugenicists. The fact that the Germans were ahead of other Europeans (and the entire world) in a multiplicity of areas makes for a sad indictment of the German people – the vast majority of whom are totally uninterested in murdering humanity. So while we agree in principle the facts are unfortunately there for the role that German scientists (many imported to America and naturalized) have played. By the 1990s it would be their progeny in the form of students and/or offspring that continue these malevolent, life destroying research endeavors.

      Thanks for the kind words re the blog. I agree this article is less than my preferred standard for inclusion and I should have read it more thoroughly before posting. Blessings, G

      1. what is most interesting – if we want to come to the focus / is that it is unlikely the German scientists fomented these uses of their technology on their own. Brilliant though they were – someone farmed them and cultivated their talents.

        Now – I am extremely interested in looking at German education and their methods. It does seem as though they mastered both university level as well as trade school level. Clearly, they taught people how to think.

        I believe that there is alway a money centric class who will use the brilliant people of the world for their interests. The paperclip crowd was just part of the clique that may have been at the heart of all moneyed interests in the world.

        I think it sad that America is reduced to teaching for goals that serve more to reward the school oligarchs. We need to de-emphasize memorization, and relearn how to teach critical thinking. This is our only hope. I think we are on the wrong path, and must go back. I truly think the Germans understood this, and unfortunately – they understood a lot – but politically, they stank to high heaven as they were demonized. So, much of their culture has been lost, even for their modern progeny.

        Gary Taubes, I mentioned before – he has uncovered much in terms of nutrition, and their advances. It did not get foothold due to demonization of all germanic after the cessation of ww1and2 / fact is – ww2 really just took a breather. the goals being what we resumed in 2001. It is truly a 100 years war for modern times.

        For those enlightened – and those becoming enlightened – these are bright times. Consciousness, as the quantum physicists have determined – created matter. This is effectively God, and the infirmament transformed to the physical. We are but a piece of the universal consciousness – all of us. Our DNA is not important, but our consciousness is of the creator that always was and always will be. That part of us was before we have a body, and will be after that body is gone. Christ did not say – worship me. He tried to show his disciples how to achieve his conscious level – walk the water etc.
        All great ideas and thinkers are highjacked after they are gone. Just as miners come to mine minerals. Lets not let our souls (consciousness) be mined. It is all we truly have.

      2. Thanks for your insightful comment, JT. I agree with you regarding the accelerating change in consciousness that is making much of this darkside agenda moot. Blessings, G

  2. Second issue with timeline – 1940 / the constant reference to “Jews” is not serving mankind in general. It is the same force as force A, and the “Jews” or those in that camp are force B. As long as we stay in this paradigm we will never escape with our long desired goal – full consciousness.

    True, Jews suffered, but please – so many more of other ethnicities did too. It is time to not refer to special groups. For one – it is a bad lightning rod, and again – creates camps within camps competing for attention and resources (sympathy – money, land from – Palestine)

    For once – lets just try to keep the Jews out of the spotlight, realize then – if we must go there, that the humanity of the argument is getting lost.

    GMO is a tremendously important topic. God bless the Jews, but – god bless the all humanity, including the mentally ill Jews who ran the Soviet Union and killed 20MM reported Christians? See what I mean. So – let’s just stick to humanity and leave all of that religion and group out of it – the religion that keeps our consciousness in check. But – sorry if I made some folks mad. Truth is – consciousness came first (god or what we call god). Consciousness created matter (dont ask me – ask the quantum physicists) – and thus – we are all the same. Hitler killed all of us equally / forget about it.

    Oh, see – I seem to have lost the topic, now where were we? Oh yeah – GMO. So – politics is NOT best mixes with ethnic mirages as it dilutes the message and corrals us sheep.

    1. I agree that the gassing of Jews was not to the extent that the propaganda media proposes. Nonetheless, gas chambers were unearthed at Auschwitz, and none can question the emaciated state of the camp dwellers upon liberation in 1945. As to the total cost of this war in terms of human lives – Over 60 million people were killed, which was over 2.5% of the world population. The breakdown of casualty by country is available here ~

      Having made the necessary correction to Item 1 I have no issues with the article from that point on. The Jewish question has been rehashed to the point where it is actually losing its horrific hold on humanity, thanks to the efforts of AIPAC and its ilk. Blessings, G

  3. Hi Gillian-
    good story/ better served accurate on the timeline. check the first one / 1920 – WW1 was “technically” over, even thought WW2 was still the same war. Hitler was NOT in charge in 1920. I trust the basic facts of this article, but when there are gross mis-statements such as the first timeline, it losses some of the audience.

    1. I agree, JT. The gas was developed and used in WW1, but most certainly NOT by Hitler. I’ve removed Hitler from the paragraph. Thanks! ~G

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