Sacredness, Balance & Harmony

expectationsKate Spreckley – Ultimately everything we are experiencing is pushing us to find balance. The incoming energies are potent and pulsing powerfully throughout humanity generating the changes needed for us to live in sacredness, balance and harmony.

We are being rebalanced and restructured on many levels but at this time it is our mind and our human consciousness which is being strongly impacted. If we are to create a new reality and a new world the limitations created by old ways of thinking must be released.

With this release our human consciousness expands to open our minds, stimulate our creativity, and activate our imagination. As a result, we are better able to envision what is now possible.

As the month progresses the energetic pathways of your mind will continue to be cleared allowing your mind to shift into alignment with your heart, your body into alignment with your spirit and all into alignment with your soul. As the evolving energies of your heart, mind, body, and spirit combine with the energy of your soul a new stability and a new balance will emerge to strengthen and reinforce your purpose.

Be mindful that as a co-creator with the Divine your ability to create within the physical realm lies in the inspiration and impulses that you receive from your soul. If you do not act on the inspiration and impulses, you will go nowhere. Remember that without action there is no creation. Do not fear action because of possible failure.

There is not failure, there are no mistakes, as each action leads you to a learning experience which adds to your store of wisdom and brings you closer to self understanding and mastery.

Much love, Kate

© 2021 Kate Spreckley

SF Source Spirit Pathways Oct 2021

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