Oracle Report Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Disseminating Moon in Gemini:  share, communicate

Sun: 21 Virgo – “a girls basketball team”

True Alignments:  team/group efforts, setting/achieving a goal, like-minded people, compromise, good timing, making plans

Catalysts for Change:  unruly, uncooperative, discrimination, working against humanity, overly-competitive

Earth:  21 Pisces – “a little white lamb, a child, and a Chinese servant”

True Alignments:  delicacy, innocence, basics, seeing simple truth within complexity, seeing what does not fit or match

Catalysts for Change:  immature, lack of personal responsibility, over-complicating, misdirection

Photographer Lisa

Laura Walker – Welcome to Part II of getting things into proper alignment in big ways.  The process that started yesterday continues today, with the strong addition of Venus making a trine to Saturn at 8:38 pm ET/12:38 am UT.

The higher octave of Venus and Saturn’s interaction is harmony and resonance within relationships.  The lower octave is targeting and control within relationships.

When Saturn is astrologically activated by another planet, the archons have an “energetic in” to manipulate situations, feelings, thoughts, and actions.  Since Venus represents much of what makes us human (love, creativity, beauty, nature, interconnection, relationships), when Saturn and Venus activate, sabotage of these things more readily occurs.

The potential increases when the Black Moon is involved (via conjunction with Saturn, no less).

The potential further increases when the Moon is involved (via opposition with Saturn and the Black Moon, no less).

So we have a great deal of pressure on our lives to get them in proper alignment today, some of which may not be easy.

Guidance through this complicated equation of energetics is gained through our trusty Sabian symbols.  They tell us how to acrobatically, artistically, and skillfully make the energetics work for us instead of against us.  We can make art of them.  We can master them.

Venus is discharging 22 Leo, “a carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission.”  This gives us the wisdom that key information and messages are being delivered.  Something “higher” has something to tell us — something we need to know that aids this big alignment that is happening (ultimately, our complete alignment with truth and love).

Saturn is discharging 22 Sagittarius, “a Chinese laundry.”  (Note that “China” is specifically represented in two symbols today – the symbols for the locations of the Earth and Saturn today.  What’s going on with China?)  The “Chinese laundry” symbol gives us the wisdom to loosen restrictions and examine expectations.

The “girls basketball team” is Team Sophia which is Team Humanity.  Anyone not on that team (or anyone who thinks they are on that team, yet actually feels superior and tries to control the team) will be benched by the coach (the aeon Sophia).  I will have much to say about “white hats” who are actually “black hats” and do not even realize it.  The winnowing down to the truth continues, and things are spilling out fast.

That’s the “team huddle” for today.  Now, let’s make the three point shot.

(Yesterday’s report is included below in case you would like to reference it.  It may “read” differently today.)

SF Source Oracle Report Sep 2017

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