Create The Balance

givingVeronica – Each of you carry a light within. Some lights being brighter than others. Some struggle with keeping the flame within them alive. Wherever you are within the lifetime your light is what propels the energy of your soul within the timeline.

In a world full of gives and takes, always remind yourself to save some of your giving nature for yourself. Many will counter with the idea that ‘giving’ is all you should be doing. ‘The needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few.’ In a broad perspective we would agree. However, the individual giver also needs to understand that receiving is also of great importance while in the linear.

Everyday one must be aware of the ebb and flow of energy that indeed creates the reality. Participating in both ebb and flow is essential to the creation of your own life. It’s all very interconnected.

In the instance of giving to others one must also acknowledge the importance of giving to the self. Many of you usually put yourself at the end of the queue every single time. While it might feel good in the moment, it creates an imbalance that will end up depleting you all together.

Decide everyday to ebb and flow in the ‘giving energy’ of your soul. For most of the population it feels good to give in such a way. Just bear in mind that the base floor of this life is based upon ‘give and take’. Without learning to receive, the opportunity to be balanced is diminished. Eventually your abilities to be of service may vanish altogether. Make room and time to be assured that balance is maintained.

For once cut the line and put yourself first, even if only for a brief moment. If you run out of gas you will not be able to help anyone.

Maintain the ebb and flow at all costs. You are a much needed energy in this particular reality. You came here to be of service… yes. You also must maintain the balance, as ‘ebb and flow’ is the skeleton of the whole picture. Without it there is risk of a disconnect, leaving all those you give service to without your guidance.

Start today.

Everyday be sure to do at least one thing of nurture for the self. It is not a negative action. It is assurance that you will be able to maintain your giving nature.

Give and Take.

Ebb and Flow.

Create the balance so you can do your good works.”

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