Focus Energy Into Your Heart

I Focus Energy Into My Heart

I breathe deeply.

In the fifth dimension my consciousness is anchored in my heart. I experience that reality as a deep sense of unconditional love and connection to All That Is. I feel also the deep peace that is part of this consciousness.

I move energy from my heart downwards through the solar plexus, the sacral and the base chakras – down into the earth star chakra located within the earth just beneath my feet.

I now anchor my energy into the earth, into the new crystalline grid of the 5th dimension as it connects with my earth star chakra.

My energy moves further down and connects with the crystal heart at the center of the earth. Here I feel the deep and unconditional shekinah love of the earth mother coming up through the earth centering chakra and into my heart.

I hold that love in my heart. I am deeply loved and nurtured by the earth mother. I am in alignment with the divine will for the earth as expressed through the evolution of the planet into multi-dimensional reality.

I breathe into and through my heart into my auric feel.

My energy moves up my body through the throat, brow and crown chakras, and up into the soul star chakra located just above the head. Here, I connect with my soul and Higher Self, my “I am” presence as it anchors into my physical form. Here I can also connect with my purpose for being here now, and with my divine essence.

I feel the unconditional love and beauty of my soul as I align with my higher purpose for this lifetime. I am filled with brilliant and radiant light.  I let my energy move upwards through dimensions of light to the great cosmic heart of All That Is. Here I feel the infinite love of the source for all that is. I draw that pulsating and radiant light into my heart and hold it there.

I am now fully aligned in, through, and around me.

I radiate peace.

Anonymous ~ edited 2013 Gillian Grannum –

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