Should I Switch to Vape? The Cost of Vaping Broken Down

vapingVaping has officially gone mainstream and it has done so at precisely the right time, with the cost of smoking rising. The vast majority of new vapers are former smokers (or smokers weaning themselves off the habit) and price is often of primary concern for new vapers (29% of vapers say the price is the main reason they made the switch), as it’s probably half the reason they decided to quit smoking in the first place.

To assuage the fears of new vapers, here we’ve broken down the costs piece-by-piece, as there are multiple parts to an ecig.

The E-cig

The actual or vape pen itself is a far more health-conscious alternative to traditional cigarettes, as the carbon monoxide and tar that you draw into your lungs via smoking (which can lead to heart disease and lung cancer, amongst other serious illnesses) is replaced by water vapour (hence the term “vaping”). You can find standard ecigs on almost any high street and at almost any supermarket and you can even buy them cheaper and in greater quantities online. A standard vape pen will set you back the cost of 2 or three packets of cigarettes. There are also budget models available for even cheaper if you know where to look!


The tank that stores the liquid you’ll be vaping will also set you back a small amount, depending on the size. Together, the the ecig and tank form what is commonly referred to as a “vape kit.” If you’re on a budget, you could get a kit set up for less but if you want something that’s going to last, you’ll probably want to spend more on your vape kit.


Electronics require power, and ecigs are powered by rechargeable batteries that work in much the same way as your mobile phone. Your kit might include a small, internal battery, but you’re going to want an external battery to recharge on the go. Standard batteries with around 1100mah will cost very little, but more expensive batteries that hold longer charges (up to 4200mah) will set you back further. It’s rare that you’ll need to buy more than one battery, but you might want to consider keeping a replacement on standby, just in case.


The liquid is what really sets vaping apart from traditional smoking as there are literally hundreds of flavours and flavour combinations of e-liquid available. It will depend on the flavour, the size and the brand of the bottle, but one (10ml) bottle of e-liquid will generally cost around the price of a pack of cigarettes. Generally speaking, one 10ml bottle will last an average vaper about a fortnight, so you’re looking at a small cost per week. This is a conservative estimate too, as there are plenty of flavour combination packs and deals available, particularly online.


The coil is the part of the ecig that heats up the liquid and turns it into vapour. As it’s an element that supplies heat, it will eventually burn out. This means you’ll want to be replacing your coil on a semi-regular basis (at least every two weeks for heavy users). Coils are inexpensive though!

Whilst setting up a vape kit might require more of an initial outlay, the savings you’ll make in the long-run (not to mention the health benefits of swapping smoke for vape) could be a real deal breaker for many smokers still sitting on the fence about making the switch.

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