Side Effects of a Poor Credit History

poor credit historyYour poor credit history and careless monthly payments will have an impact on your finances in the future. So you need to stop at one point and think of improving everything for the better.

A messed up credit score will always continue to hound you at every big step in life. So whether it comes to applying for a loan or purchasing something on installments, you will always have to face rejection and embarrassment at the hands of several financial institutions.

Here are a few ways; poor credit history can have an impact on your finances:

1. High-Interest Rates on Credit Cards

A credit score is a strong indicator of whether or not you will pay back the loan amount on time. So if you have a low credit score, this means you are a risky client and not trustable. However, still, when lenders decide to give you a chance, they do it by charging a very high-interest rate on loan and credit cards. In simple words, if you’ve been approved with a poor credit score, you will end up paying more than what another person with a good credit score and the same amount of money will. So it is best for you to settle for no credit needed loans to avoid high payments at the end.

2. Tough to Get an Apartment

Although it is seldom heard of landlords, check the credit history of their prospective tenants today. So you can imagine how tough it will be for you to find a rented apartment with a bad credit score. Even if you are lucky enough to find a landlord who overlooks this factor, you might have to pay more, although this is not fair only a consequence of your past financial issues. So it is imperative to be upright in terms of payment.

3. Being Denied For Work

You will be shocked to know; several top-notch designations require you to have a good credit history for approval. In fact, one of the ways for such companies to shortlist prospective candidates for the jobs is to check their credit score. Especially when you have a high amount of debt, you will be denied a job that is of a high managerial position. Although the reason is not to make someone feel bad about credit history, employers are looking for items that could affect your performance at work.

4. Denial of Loan

The most obvious disadvantage of a bad credit score is the denial of the loan. In some cases, it becomes imperative for an individual to request an urgent loan to cater for emergency medical expenses. However, bad credit history can easily influence the decision of the bank even if you are in need. This is when some financial institutions take undue advantage of the borrower and register a high-interest rate. With bad credit, you cannot expect a well to do financial institution to accept your loan request.

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