Signs Of A Psychically Sensitive Child

psychic childJohn Holland – I’ve become fascinated by the ever-increasing number of children who are displaying amazing psychic abilities. I’ve noticed over the past few years how many more questions I’m getting at my lectures, during my radio show and on my Facebook page about psychically sensitive children.

Young intuitive children see the world and people as they truly are. They show their sensitivity in such simple ways. For example, if your child encounters someone new and it appears as though they don’t like that person, then I’d suggest that first and foremost, you take a moment to listen to your child.

Your child is probably able to see clairvoyantly, or they’re feeling the colors emanating from the person’s aura. They could also be picking up the energy of the person, and they interpret it as something they’re not comfortable with. The important thing is that you’re totally supportive, and you talk to your child about what they’re feeling.

How can these abilities or spiritual gifts be understood and developed? Rather than look to your child for answers, we must first look within our attitudes, thoughts, and feelings. Parents and teachers have to realize that being intuitive or psychic is normal. There are too many misconceptions.

The word psychic comes from the Greek word psychos, meaning “of the soul.” What this means is that as spiritual beings, we can access, receive and transmit information that reaches beyond our physical body and our natural five senses.

Most children are quite intuitive or psychic until the age of seven. If you want to see a soul in action, watch a child as they enjoy their early years without a care in the world. It’s as if they have one foot here and one foot still in heaven. In reality, they’re living their life through the creative, intuitive right-hand side of the brain—a place of imagination, creativity, magic, and wonder.

Here are 18 typical signs of a psychically sensitive child. Do any of these fit your child? If they do, then you could well have a son or daughter who needs your care and special attention.

1. Startles easily.

2. It does not react well to surprises.

3. It seems to know what others are thinking.

4. Feels overwhelmed or agitated in noisy environments.

5. He is highly sympathetic to others—especially other children.

6. Feels more deeply about things than most kids.

7. It seems to sense what others are feeling.

8. Prefers quiet play or being on their own.

9. It doesn’t do well with sudden changes.

10. It seems to have an active inner life.

11. Often asks deep, thought-provoking questions.

12. Dreams of flying.

13. Often talks about being out of their body and viewing things from above.

14. Experiences highly vivid dreams that quite often come true.

15. Has the ability to communicate with animals and nature.

16. Communicates with angels.

17. Sees faces while trying to go to sleep.

18. It is highly artistic or creative.

John’s Message

I dedicated a whole chapter in my book ‘The Spirit Whisperer’ that helps parents and teachers understand psychically sensitive children.

Here are a few more tips I would suggest:

1. Be an aware and observant parent.

2. Be a good listener.

3. Provide a safe and relaxing environment for your child.

4. Teach your child to take good care of their bodies.

5. Learn as much as you can about psychic development.

If you have more questions about your psychically sensitive child, please ask me in the comments section on my Facebook page or, you can always phone into my Spirit Connections radio show.

SF Source OM Times Jan 2020

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