Trust the Universe

SimranSingh September 30 2013

Namaste is the Divine reverence and recognition of all other ‘Being(s)’ as the Divine Sacred Oneness and the Self in union, communion and celebration. We are each a seed of birthing creative capacity in a full garden with other seeds of the same full and vibrant potential… and we are that garden in its fullness. As I wrote in Conversations With the Universe, the world is speaking to us, as us, all of the time. Why? To show us who we are…ALL of who we are.

We are here to celebrate unique genius and expression, in all of its flowering in the massive landscape of collective consciousness. We all encompass a garden within that requires fertilizing, nurturing, sunlight, fuel and water. There must be the space to grow, yet protective coverage from the harshness that life can offer. And… we must understand that the first part of our lives, birthing – growing, pushing through – toiling and bursting forth … is a vision quest in itself. Wow… our beginnings and dark night is a vision quest. How profound.

On a vision quest, we find solitude, go within, contemplate, pray, meditate and bring forth the wisdom of experience before going out into the world integrating what we know. My dark nights were just that. I realize that they were the most incredible collective vision quest I could have ever have had. It was integrated over the past several years through various pieces of my own work. And now, it is time to bring that wisdom out into the world. What about for you? Is it time? Will you let the dark night serve you instead of define you?

We are each a radiant blossom meant to gift the world light and brilliance, in a way that is to be seen, inhaled and honored. As you do so, your own garden will be nourished and flourish. Begin to harvest the seeds of unique genius that have been resting within, sitting dormant in the dark night. The landscape of all those awaiting your magnificence will do so as they view an exquisite example of personal style as you fashion new ways of being.

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