Sinkholes: The Groundbreaking Truth [Video]

Alexandra Bruce – This eye-opening piece about the phenomenon of increasing sinkholes appearing throughout the world was produced by groups associated with author-researcher, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, including, and

According to their research, before 2010, sinkholes were a relatively uncommon phenomenon. Now, they’re appearing almost daily.

Laura’s group attributes this phenomenon to Plasma Cosmology aka the Electric Universe theory, which are unsatisfactorily explained as “soil erosion” when we look at these scary images of sidewalks suddenly opening up, swallowing people, cars, large trucks and buses.

In contrast to the accepted gravitational model of the universe, Plasma Cosmology postulates that the dynamics of electromagnetic exchanges play a more important or even dominant role in the physics of the universe. In the words 1970 Nobel Prize for Physics, Hannes Alfvén, Swedish pioneer of Plasma Cosmology, “Gravitational systems are the ashes of prior electrical systems.”

This clip contains an informative animation with graphics illustrating the electromagnetic and mechanical forces behind sinkhole formation, which they posit are related to the extended Solar Minimum of sunspot activity that’s occurring right now:

“The potential difference between the the positively charged upper atmosphere and the negatively charged Earth decreases, resulting a slowing down of the Earth’s rotation. A slower spin causes the earth to become less oblong like an oval and more circular like a sphere. The induced mechanical stress causes deformations, resulting in cracks, cavities and fissures.

There is also a potential difference between the earth’s crust and the core and because the upper atmosphere is now less positive, it also attracts less electrons from inside the earth to its surface, thus decreasing the potential difference between the surface and the core…the earth’s crust becomes loose, creating pockets of space beneath the surface. The stress on the crust produced by these two combined mechanical and electrical forces results in an increase in earthquake activity.

This loosening of the earth’s crust produces cracks and openings resulting in an increase of volcanic activity and lastly, the subterranean space created by the loosening results in the increased formation of sinkholes.”

For more information, see ‘Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection’, published by | Music: Devi Prayer by Craig Pruess | Animation: Michael Rasmussen

SF Source Forbidden Knowledge TV March 2017

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