Social advertising channels 2019: current conditions and forecasts

Social advertising channelsReports show that while ad expenses (in comparison with last year) have grown by 107% for Pinterest and 44% for Instagram, CTR (Click Thru Rate) has decreased more than a third.

This suggests that marketers interesting in placing ads on social media channels should reconsider how best to succeed in 2019.

Social media advertising offers a sea of opportunities and marketers spend time researching them through various marketing campaigns. Their main goal is to find platforms that are less time-consuming and provide effective ads click-rate returns..

We studied a report by Kenshooo to locate the most important conclusions everyone should know.

Amount of displays, as well as the expenses on social advertising, are growing

Investments in social media advertising have grown, for marketers now spend 27% more than they did in 2018. Experts observe social advertising growing-up and, as a result, it’s playing a solid role in online marketing. Video ads have become the most monetized ad category, and (unfortunately) expenses have grown by 44%.

20% more displays were shown during this year. We can say that ads with brand awareness are now more prevalent than ads designed for clicks.

CTR and clicks are in decline

In spite of the fact we have more displays now, the report informs that social advertising networks are facing 23% fewer clicks. CTR has faced the same problem and the decline is 37%.

However, you have no reason to worry. The data provided is not necessary a sign of lower engagement, but a significance marketers’ goals re-orientation. High CTR may not always show that the campaign in social advertising was successful, videos and stories will help to increase brand awareness, as well as impressions. It seems that we are going to meet a new phenomenon of social media funnel expanding and that is the point we recommend observing.

Variety of ads used by marketers

Such ad network platforms like Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter offer wide range of ads types and that is probably one of key reasons marketers love them. However, link ads are in total amount 14% less used in comparison with previous year.

However, carousel ads are competing the market. The tendency is easy to be explained as marketers try to promote their products by the most popular means. Carousel and videos have taken nearly 59% of ad expenses that is 10% more than it was in 2018.

To sum up, we can say that marketers are at the stage of deep researching which ad format will be the most suitable exactly for their goals. One of key reasons to invest in social media ad network solutions is an opportunity to try all possible creativity options. Ads cannot be treated as powerful or weak, the idea is that all of them will lead to different results.

Instagram is keeping its popularity

Marketers are still interested in Instagram and the expenses for this platform have grown by 44%. Q4 has shown the biggest investment for feed ads and stories. According to the report, the growth was stable during all the quarters, despite companies are generally very busy by the end of the year.

Instagram stories ads are less expensive than typical advertising there, however, they will probably rise in the next quarters.

Pinterest is also rising

The tendencies for this network are also very positive. Marketers turn onto it due to the channel’ focus on visual discoveries.

It is, in fact, the best place where shift from awareness and consideration to purchase. The point is that people spend their time even before they think what exactly they would like to buy. Advertising is a very powerful tool here to move people through brand’s funnel.

The expenses started growing since Q3 2018 and they have rise in total by 107%. The conclusion we can make here is that Pinterest deserves having more attention for people to go through the funnel.

Multitasking of the network makes it possible to increase both conversions and brand awareness. Are you re-considering your marketing strategy already?

Some additional stats:

♦ the number of clicks is twice that of 2018.

♦ CTR has also grown almost 81% more than 2018 rates.


We’ve shown that expenses for social advertising are definitely growing. To succeed you should experiment with new ideas, ad types and channels and track what is the most effective performer for you. This is a very good time to add Pinterest to your ad marketing strategy.

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